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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here, Have a Martini.....

It was an ordinary Saturday. Doing errands. Stopped at Petco to pick up dog food
and then an extraordinary thing happened! I saw Martini. She was sitting with a dog handler from the animal rescue group in my area. She looked as tho she was going to cry and was shaking so hard she was a blur. Apparently her so-called owner had just come in and dropped her off and left!!!

Now, I usually have the ability to walk past all the dogs up for adoption. I usually look around and say hi and continue on my way. After all I have two dogs and I'd be out of my effing mind to get another dog! Well, consider me out of my mind. I took Martini home.

Martini (I call her Tini) is a 7 year old female pug dog! I agreed to become her foster Mom for the time being, but I have a funny lil feeling I'll be keeping her. She is just tooooo good! She follows me all over the place, sits on my lap, eats like a lil piggie, and has got the sweetest personality I ever saw.

Spud and Tank took an instant liking to her also! She looks a like like Spud!

I haven't had the chance to get pics yet, but I want to take all three of them together and then I'll post it.

I really need my head examined!!! :-)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Face Book

By the way, I have deleted my Facebook account! I really have no need for it.