Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Here Comes the Sun what? I'm back at work...long little light. but the days will get longer and lighter from this point forward...i like the light!
(i'm not going nearer to it tho) (as they say in the movie!). But i do have a window in my new office!!! It's a wonderful thing (omg i'm martha stewart....arrgghh!!!). You don't know what it's like to have sunlight again. didn't have it in my old office. Feels nice. Maybe that's why I'm smiling (then again maybe i'm just crazy....he he he).

Monday, December 26, 2005


I was one of those who went to the mall early this am! Not to return presents but to buy them! I still havent seen everyone i needed to buy presents for, so what the lots of discounts....and bought a new outfit for myself too. (that's how i shop, one for you, one for me...makes it less grueling :)
And......have to go to bed early tonite.....was off all last week..must go back to work tomorrow.....which is ok....i like my new job (in spite of the fact I must WALK about a mile after I get off the train). And speaking of trains.....I will smile while I'm on them! (just in case someone takes my pic).

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I always have to remember that its ok....this too will pass......and when i do does......! the darker the dark, the lighter the light.......I always wait for the light....and it always comes. (put that in your pipe and smoke it!)

And this goes out to the one person who knows who they are.....i'm thinking of ya..!

So What?

So What if i opened up the BIG jar of chocolate truffles i bought as a present for someone....and So What if i eat two a night? So What...if a gain a lil weight as a result? So What my cholestrel goes up a lil?............If anything....they taste SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'll worry about it tomorrow)!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Only in NY!

So on the front page of one of the more "sophisticated" newspapers of this "BAD SANTA".......(a santa claus with a bloodied severed head in one hand and a knife in the other hand) in front of a couple's "3 million" dollar (yes 3 million!) brownstone... Seems this couple (sounds like a nice couple, doesn't it?) are protesting the commercialization of Christmas...!!
(well, whatever floats your boat)......But anyway, this is right down the street from where i work... So i took a lil walk yesterday to see it......ONLY IN NY!!!!!!!! Very bizarre!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Monday!!!!!!

Happy Monday All!!!!!!

Made it a point to smile on the train!!!! That way everyone thinks you're crazy and stays away.....(at least i got a seat) there!

Just a point to make: if someone sweeps you off your feet, you'll soon find yourself under the rug!!!! So beware of love at first sight......(one of my random thoughts of the day)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Getting it All out.......tell a friend i am again...mumbling.....trying to convince another friend to get her ass on here and blog away.....i find it freeing just to write my thoughts matter what's bothering me or not!

Today is a good day by the way.....all is well with my's nice to have one of those days. I call them my green light days! , when everything just goes real well. I have them maybe twice a year! LOL but just knowing that they are there keeps me coming back.

and thanks Sassan for the referral to the Red's what i see every day!!! Happy happy people riding the train!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
(that's why i smile on the train)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why Not?

So this is my second day.....stayed home from work cause of the snow.....i hate mushing thru the snow in the's enough just getting there on a normal day. I mean the crowds, especially at this time of year!!!!! and my feet! getting all sorts of wet!!! and cold!! LOL

Did i tell you i'm a people watcher? To pass the time while i'm on the train, (if i don't feel like reading) i like to look at all the people...and imagine what they do, what their lives are like....i make up some pretty good stories.....and then i start to believe them! lol so when i see them again...i can either be happy for them or feel real bad....(come on, you do the same thing I bet).

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why? the urging of a blogger i am....mumbling away...
I called it ODAT....meaning One day at a time......cause it's all i have....just this one live my life to the fullest.....
So why not blog too??????? Am i going to complain about my life? Am i going to share the laughs? I suppose i will.. When.? Don't know ... but i guess you'll be the first to hear