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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random Thoughts's time to get out the old aluminum beanie cause i haven't felt the urge to publish anything lately. Let me see, what do i have to tell you? ummmmm...
I've noticed lately that the quality (if there were any at all) of customer service is deteriorating as time goes by. I bought something yesterday (he he) won't tell you what ...(but it was from Victoria Secret's) and the sales "girl" , who is supposed to wrap it all nice in tissue paper and make ya feel kinda special because you're spending so much money for a itty bitty piece of material (lol), just crumbled it all up in her hand, shoved it into the tissue paper and said "here".......not even a thank you!!!! well.....geeze........! (didn't make me feel speicial!!!) Altho it doesn't matter....I will when i wear "it"......;-)

and another thing....what is happening to today's youths???? What are they teaching in the schools....(omg I sound like my mother!)..but anyway...I have a hypenated last name and I was returning something to the store and they asked me for my name. So i preceeded to spell out my last name...e.g. Smith(hyphen)Smith......the "girl" asked me "What's a hyphen????" omg!!!!! I told her it was the same as a minus sign! (something my husband always thought too when i took the hyphenated name....said i would be "minus" him someday)

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Just D said...

Next time really confuse them and tell them its opposite of an ampersand.