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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

road kill

When you drive past "road kill", do you ever wonder how it got there? I mean, I know the animal walked into the road at the most inopportune time before becoming a big fat SPLAT! But what makes them do it to begin with? Suicidal tendencies? To get to the other side?

I have one answer: to get away from attacking killer birds.

Was driving to the train station this morning, doing my thing-listening to my music, putting on my sunglasses- bopping..etc., when this big black cat came zooming out into the street right in front of my car! Never saw a cat move that fast! Three birds were on top of him, pecking at his oh man! scared me to death!!!

(No I didn't splatter him). But it just proved this: You never know when future road kill will step into your path!

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Just D said...

That's a great visual. lol