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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where I'm From

I am from trees growing out of concrete, from bottled milk deliveries, black and white TV and Irish stew. I am from the rail road room,three story house, noisy, neighborly, with summer breezes blowing through the screens tossing the curtains over my face, cooling the house.

I am from the tomato plants, rose bushes and swing sets in the back yard, the small patch of grass, cool under my feet.

I am from large Sunday dinners, pranksters and beer drinkers, from the Irish with their brogues and the Germans with their beer.

I am from those who don't know how to stop talking, laughing, crying and praying.

From the fear of the bogey man in the closet and Daddy's bedtime stories and brothers who made me eat worms.

I am from a variety of religions, yet, calling none of them my own. My spirit is one with nature.

I'm from the northeast, corned beef, sauerbraten and lasagna.

From the the mailman and the waitress who fell in love quickly and loved to dance and laugh, the grandmother who bought me nice clothes, the father with curly hair, the other grandmother who disliked Mom because she was Republican!

I am from the black and white wedding picture that now hangs on the wall of my mom's nursing home room, the urn of ashes on the fire place, the songs that still ring loud in my heart. The memories are what I have, some bad, but mostly good as I see their smiling faces in my mind and still feel their love in my heart. That's what keeps them alive, the memories.

Where are you from?



the walking man said...

I am from the core of the cosmos, the center of light and awareness, I am from troubled oceans depths and smooth currents taking me places yet unimagined. I am from the things I have seen, the places I have been. I am tracked by the dust trails that settle so slowly behind me and by footprints in the sand soon enough washed away.

Odat said...



Anonymous said...

I'm from steel magnolias and Midwest grit.

I'm from honor, law, medicine, and hard work.

I'm from art and business.

I am the product of boomer suburban living, when kids played out in the neighborhoods without fear.

I am from people with a long history of faith and perseverance, with a love for their country and fellow man.

I am American.

Sending you hugs today, Odat!

katherine. said...

I am from The Windy City society and the poverty of the Blue Smokey Mountains. Railroads and Tobacco. Chrystal and Quilts. I am from desperate adoption and families with dozens of cousins.

I am engineering logic and classical music. I am from the crossing of swords and intense sentiment. Strength of character and love of family

I am from hundreds of photo albums scattered amongst four children, thirteen grandchildren, twelve greatgrand children.

Realliveman said...

You come from a place of beauiy. That I am sure of! :)

Odat said...

Wow, we're all from very awesome places, aren't we?


Anonymous said...
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heartinsanfrancisco said...

This was so lovely! I haven't seen this meme in a year or so, since I did it, but can't remember when. I especially love the ending of yours. You are such a shiningly positive person who finds good in every situation and love in everyone. Happy memories bolster us for the rough times we all face, and keep us strong.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very nicely written. I have got to know you a lot more from this which is great. I did this meme before and can be seen here;

Odat said...

Heart, thanks!!
I did this a while ago too and was wondering how it came I remember!!!! I thought it was such a lovely thing to do and was inspired by yours!!!!

Lone, Nice to see you and your meme ....was great!!!

buffalodick said...

Nicely said, and done otat! I am from Dutch immigrants, who worked shoulder to shoulder with Polish, German, and Irish immigrants in the furniture factories and machine shops of W. Michigan.. who all learned to get along, with the common bond of having a better life, here in America!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

I am from the little lump under the flowers in my mothers wedding dress.
I am from my Grandmothers Ivory snow flakes bubble baths, and poached egg on toast.
I am from the woods behind my house.
I am from lightning bugs over those woods at night,that were as many as the stars.
I am from endless tears that were cried into my pillow.
I am from a heart that refused to break.
I am from the summer of love, I am from a disenfranchised generation, I am from the hope of freedom and the chains of addiction.
I am from the ashes
I am at last a child of God

barb said...

Odat, you and I are cut from the same cloth, except I am from the suberbs of Boston. And my parents are dyed in the wool Democrats (I love them anyway) who really are distant cousins of the Kennedys... The poorer relations, of course!

Big hus xo

Odat said...

Buff, you come from tough stuff!!!
(and I mean that in a very positive way :-)

That was beautiful and touched my heart....

Barb, lol...It's funny how distinctions were drawn then....

Mimi Lenox said...

I haven't visited you in so long, my friend, and I come here tonight to find these incredible words from all over. I love this meme!

Beautiful, just beautiful.

How in the world are you doing??

Roger said...

Oregon! Its this whole other place... :)

Odat said...

Mimi!!! Nice to see you too....thanks for visiting...
I'm doing much better than I was...I show up in the blogosphere every now and

Roger, Oregon is another planet compared to here!!


Patti said...

This is beautifully written, Odat.

I am also Irish (and Scottish and English and Norwegian) and half-German on my mother's side.

I'm from the Northeast: New Jersey and Connecticut.

I love how the others wrote their posts. I'm not good at writing or talking about myself.
I keep trying.