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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lonely Jeans

Saw a pair of jeans lying by the side of the road this morning while driving to work. Hmmm...infinite possibilities...came to mind as I looked at lonely there.
I mean did someone lose them on their way to the laundramat? Was their car window open and did a gust of wind swoop them up and blow them out to the road? Maybe the driver just threw them out, keeping them for as long as they could in the back of their car just in case? Hmmm.
Maybe someone was changing a tire, and you know how your pants kinda slip down when squatting...showing a lil butt crack...and they got all sorts of he just abandoned them by the side of this road. Maybe someone was just walking along, minding their own business and a killer dog ran out from one of the auto body shops there and clamped his jaws around one of their pant legs. So instead of standing there and letting this dog take a chomp out their leg, they quickly slid out their jeans.. and left them, abandoned. Or maybe, just maybe.............someone is walking around today sans a pair of jeans...cause he was doing something that requires nudity in the back of a car?under the overpass?? OHHHHHH MYYYYYY....the possiblities!!!!!! Have a nice day!

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