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Monday, March 13, 2006

Should I take time to sit and ponder how my life has been over the past year? The reason I ask is that it was my birthday this past weekend and in the past I'd take a peak backwards to see if I was living up to my expectations. Well.....since this year has been a total blur in my mind (not from drugs or alchohol mind you) I really can't say if my expectations have been attained! So now how am I going to measure my progress????

I know!!! (she's says as a lil light bulb goes off). It was not really progression for me, I believe it was digression. I departed from my life of maturity and wandered into being silly and immature. And you know something? I LIKE IT!!!!!! :) I mean I've really done nothing really stupid...just in my mind...LOL and I'm acting like a teenager (what's wrong with that?). So it's like I'm growing younger....yeah!!!!!!! That's it!....mmmmmmm......Now I'm not so depressed!!!!!


Bikerbabenj said...

younger is good... yahhhhh

franwg said...

This is my first blogin' and its for you. Your a great woman and if your getting younger and funnier your even better. When I hit the 5 0, I changed my eating, smoking and excercise habits...IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (for the most part/ as much as possible). I try to be more fun, be more fun and do more fun things, why not!


Odat said...

yeah like i said in one of my blogs...when I saw all my friends that i haven't seen a while, how come we all look the same, are much wiser, funnier and better than ever!!!!!

and thank you fran for venturing into blogland!!!!