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Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm a great aunt! (Really). My niece had twins! Naturally. A girl and a boy!

They're three months old now and are the sweetest things ya ever did see. Originally "they" told her that she was having girls. So you can imagine everyone's surprise when she had a boy! A mad rush back to the stores to hustle and exchange some girly things for boy stuff! lol.

At first she was really nervous about it, but now she's handling it like an old pro. I give her (and all mothers) loads of credit for doing it. They are a handful, (actually, two handfuls). Her hub is a sweetie and does his share too.

I manage to see them as much as I can and it's great to see their little personalities forming.

P.S. We had 18 more inches of snow yesterday, so I got my exercise in by lots of shovelling!
So for this winter, we've had 84 inches, the most snow ever!



Lisa said...

Ooh, what cuties! Babies are the greatest gift from Heaven. My angel turns one year old today! Can't hardly believe how the time has flown.

Anonymous said...

Squeeeee! Babies!!!!! I'm almost a grandma... I can't wait. Just a matter of weeks or days.... I can't wait.

I remember when my nieces were born... They are so precious to me. Yes, even as adults!

You will LOVE being an auntie... That means you can spoil that duo ROTTEN!

Odat said...

Lisa, they are indeed a gift...and they keep all around them happy and smiling just because.......

Lois! I didn't realize you're becoming a gramma!!! I guess I missed that
Well Congrats!!!!! You must be sooo happy!

Akelamalu said...

WOW two babies for the price of one - that's fantastic and one of each to boot!

We have five grandchildren and unfortunately the boys have seen to it that there will be no more. I'm sad that we won't have any more babie to cuddle but we have a lot of fun with the kids growing up. :)

Sandee said...

Congratulations Great Auntie. How adorable. I can so relate what a handful twins are. Our neighbor next door has two adorable 3 year old boys. Wow do they have energy.

Enjoy the babies as I'm sure you will. My granddaughter made us great grandparents in December.

Have a terrific day Odat. :)

Barb said...

Congratulations, Great Auntie Odat!

I am also a Great Auntie! Aria will be 2 in April. And her Mommy let us in on a little secret just before Christmas... Aria is going to be a BIG sister come July!

My sister had identical twin boys 11 years ago... they are STILL a handful! For extra fun, my sister had them at 41... a total surprise as her 2 oldest kids were 11 and 8 and she was told she couldn't have any more. What do doctors know, huh?

Sorry about all that snow. ACK!

Big warm hugs :]

Traveling Bells said...

What dolls! I know you'll enjoy watching them grow up. I can imagine all the scrambling when one was discovered with 'outdoor' plumbing instead of the predicted girly girl:) What a blessing.

Big hugs, honey...