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Monday, January 16, 2006


Ok speaking of Snot the Pug...Does anyone think that this dog will get along with a kitten,as yet unborn, who has already been christened with the name of OINK? My friend, (not Hannah) has a pregnant cat whose ready to pop any second now. I informed her I'd take Oink (I used to collect pigs) and a pug dog is very similar to a pig by the way, (he snorts, grunts , has a curly tail, etc.). So anyway,what's gnawing at me is the fact that what if .....Snot doesn't like him/her? What if he/she is not the cutest kitten in the whole wide world? and How the hell is my friend going to get her/him here? We're about 700 miles away from each other. Hmmmmm??????

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Just D said...

First of all, I'll let you decide which one you want to be Oink. Second, I worried about Jake that way too when I got a kitten, but the kitten just learned to stay out of Jake's way and things were cool. Third, my friend here at work, her brother is a truck driver and I think (THINK) that he comes up your direction. I will see about hitting him up for a kitten delivery. If that doesn't work, we'll work something else out. But it is completely up to you, if you are nervous about it, little Oink can go live with someone else.. he/she will never know about the life he/she could have had, living in your glorious presence. He/She can't miss what he/she never knew about, can he/she?

Not Hannah