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Friday, April 14, 2006

S L O W D O W N ! ! !

I drive myself crazy. I work in New York City and I walk about a mile after getting off the train to my office. It's in a very nice "looking" part of the city and i usually enjoy my walk. I keep myself busy by looking at people. I like to look and watch. I am not a stalker. Just a casual observer. I look to see what people are wearing, how their hair is styled, the colors or non-colors worn. Then I make my lil critique and approve or disapprove and decide what would look better or whether I should get 'one of those' or that would look better on me. I also look at their faces (something that is NOT done in NYC, no one ever looks directly into your eyes) and see what expression they have, see if their eyes are alive or not. It totally amazes me that there can be so many people in the same place and the same time and do not even acknowledge one another's existence!

WE'RE ALL MOVING TOO FAST...........SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!! , my brain shouts out to them. They can't hear me i'm thinking maybe, just maybe, the spirit that is New York, will catch wind of my brain waves and pass it along.


Just D said...

What a great post chicklet!

Odat said...

why thanks you blog idol!!!!

Odat said...

i mean Thank You Blog Idol!