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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday "Stuff"

Orphan-Devouring Abomination from the Tower

Get Your Monster Name

One Delivering Arousing Touches

Get Your Sexy Name


Lots of hugs to my sweet friend, Oger the Caveman for passing this award along to Odat!!!
(not only does he make me smile, he makes me crack up every day with his innovative cartoons from a time long ago). Thank you!



Sarge Charlie said...

because you make us smile

one day at a time

Patti said...

Sarge is right - you do make us smile Odat!

congrats on the much deserved award

Paul said...

Odat, how about the Funky Cold Medina?

Christy said...

I did my son's name in the monster thing, his name is Braeden. This is what I got, B.R.A.E.D.E.N.: Bloodthirsty, Ravenous, Anthropologist-Eating, Drifter-Exterminating Nightmare.

Roger said...

Hey thats going to make me smile all weekend :D

Michael C said...

You sure get a lot of awards! And they are all very deserved!!!!

The CEO said...

You deserve this award before anyone else I know. Thank you.

Echomouse said...

Congrats! Boy, lots of bloggers getting awards lately. You definitely deserve this one :)

I laughed out loud at those monster and sexy names!

My Reflecting Pool said...

Congrats! You make me smile