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Sunday, September 02, 2007

So Long Summer

Anticipating the cool nights of Fall
When chilly nights wrap around our bodies
And force us to use blankets
And open windows.

Seeing summer slip away once again,
Tucking in the early morning sun
Until a later hour.
But the windows are open!

Allowing the new season
To wash over us
Clearing the cobwebs of heat,
So long Summer,
Thank you Fall.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi odat. seems like y'all were just wishing for summer a few days ago, time is fleeting. i love summer so go to south florida for the winter every year. i also never seem to be warm enough. hope your fall is lovely odat...

smiles, bee

Paul said...

Odat has summer
With Fall around the corner -
Hang in there Odat. (Haiku)

Sarge Charlie said...

Fall is my favorite time, I love it when the leaves start changing and the air is brisk.

The CEO said...

I'm with the Sarge, I love Fall. It seems to be getting shorter and shorter than when I was a kid. Still, you made me revel in it once again. Thank you.

Michael C said...

That was very nice!! I can't say I love Fall as I really have never experienced one ;-)

It sure sounds great though! hehehehehe

Hammer said...

Nice poem. I'll save it till Novemeber when our cool weather starts :)

Patti said...

Summer's nearly over,
There soon will be no more clover.
But fall's on the way
And all I can say
Is hooray!