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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cinnamon Pasta

It's not really that bad.  Cinnamon on pasta, that is.   Yes, you read that right.  I said cinnamon.
I have a habit of just reaching up to the spices and grabbing a bottle and shaking a lot on top of whatever it is I'm eating.  I came home the other night after being out all day doing "stuff" and was really hungry but didn't feel like cooking an entire meal.  I had some left over pasta in the fridge, so I figured I'd heat it up in the microwave with some butter and parm cheese.  I place it on my new "square" plate (I love square plates), open up the cabinet to get the hot pepper flakes...grab what I thought was the bottle (they're all shaped the same), open it up and sprinkled "lots" on top of my pasta.  Put in back into the closet and then it registered!  WTF did I do?  Damn....calling myself all sorts of stupid.  Well, I was so hungry and I wasn't going to throw it I tasted it.  And ya know something, it really wasn't at all that bad!  It was really rather tasty.  I think everyone should try it.   I mean it.  It wasn't bad!  It actually enhanced the hot pepper! (I like hot).   
(I did that before when I put cayenne pepper in my coffee grinds thinking it was cinnamon!  I blogged about that one too).  
Is this the way chefs come up with new concoctions?



buffalodickdy said...

Over the years, I have made mistakes that turned into part of the recipe! I have spent a fair amount of time learning what effect different spices, herbs, and flavors may have on a given dish. Cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, mustard, vinegar, and garlic all can surprise you pleasantly- if you take some chances...

Patti said...

You're on your way to chefhood, I'd say.

I remember your post about the cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon in the coffee! I put cinnamon in the grounds as well.

Roger said...

Oh I don't think I would eat that unless by mistake lol. I love hot food too, the kind that bites ya back. Have a good weekend Odat!! :D

Sarge Charlie said...

Yo Lady, you do not need those heel any more, very cool

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TwoPugs said...

It's funny because just yesterday while baking I thought cooks and bakers must do a lot of trial and error before inventing a new great recipe. Sounds like you found combination! I would never think of putting those two together.

Thanks for stopping by our blog!

Ian Thomas Healy said...

I did this Google search and found a whole ton of cinnamon pasta recipes for you to try. :)


Odat said...

Buff, I've experimented too but not with foods that I thought would never go together, let alone try.

Patti, Yup, just call me Chef Odat!
Chef Odat needs a hat, how bout that?
Did it leave you flat?

Roger, you should try it...seriously.

Sarge, Amen x 2.

Twopugs...Yes, well I certainly "tried" and the "error" came out quite nice. And it was a pleasure visiting...anything to do with pugs always is. ;-)

Ian, OMG! I can't believe there's actually a cinnamon pasta recipe out there!!!!!! That is just too funny!!!!! Thanks for the research!


On a limb with Claudia said...

Cinnamon pasta is a common dish at a lot of Prima Fixe restaurants. You are so.... chic! Maybe your next life is as a chef?

Claudia said...

hmmm...I'm still a bit skeptical. But that's me.

citizen of the world said...

Ha ha! I've done that sort of thing. You just have to roll with it.