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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cabbing It Pt III

Yes, I'm still cabbing it...(my ankle, remember?) I'm really not beating this one to death because I just found out that I really did fracture it! Soooo here we go.....slow recuperation, slow walking, slow living......etc..(slow is good in some cases tho i might add) ...(I 'm really rather depressed by the whole thing by the way) Anyway I digress......the cab: got one right away going home. Hop in the back and smell food!! Smells good too! I told the cabbie that I could smell his food...and he thought I was offended by it...(i guess my delivery was not to his ethnicity, lol) I had to explain to him that NO NO NO I mean it smells nice...i like the smell....(meanwhile going hysterical inside). He apoligized and told me he hadn't eaten all day so he just had to get something...and when he finally figured it out that I was not offended by the aroma, he offered to stop and get me one (he had s shish kaboobie thingy)...I thanked him and declined graciously.

Quote of the day: "See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time." Robin Williams

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MyHeartHurts said...

Robin Williams is the man! MMM.. shish kebob! Wait not from some dirty cart in NYC... but wait... We're New Yawkers.. what's a little botchilism! Just tell him to burn it! LOL Sorry about the ankle... I hope you get well soon! ~M