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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well...I got to sleep at a decent hour last fireworks til the wee hours of the morning like last year.....woke up refreshed and ready to go! Got my coffee and got the dog ready to go out for a walk.....opened the gate outside and walked right into a giant spider web....yup..right in my face...........ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I hate when that looked like a fool trying to brush the god awful thing out of my hair...and I'm poking and waving all over my body just in case that giant spider is crawling around somewhere. Mind you , I'm not afraid of spiders, I try not to kill them either (they're good for the garden, they eat other bugs) .....but when they invade my space (meaning my hair and body) they better watch their lil asses! Oh well...time to get to work.....HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!


Just D said...


Odat said...

Yeah...maybe that's it...She was trying to save me from the slaughter house!!!

MyHeartHurts said...

Oh Gosh! I would have died! I am petrified of all creepy crwly things. The other day coming home there was a grashopper in the car, I had to pull over until it was properly transported to its finally resting place... so sorry! Be well always, M!