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Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Dance Friday Again

Oh's happy dance Friday already!!!! I just sat down to post because I've been a lil busy today.....(geeze, work, it interferes with my musings here).

Well anyway, I'm in a somewhat pissy mood today because I keep getting interupted which got me thinking about a pet peeve in:

" Don't ya just hate it when":

- You're on the telephone and someone walks into your office and just starts talking?
- You receive something at work that needs to be done right now when the person had it sitting on their desks for 3 months?
- Large persons try to squeeze into the seat next to you on the subway?
- The phone rings after a certain hour?
- When you walk into spider webs at 5:30 Am?
- Mercedes Benz(es) and Jaguars think they own the rode? (it never fails).
- You get Coke instead of Pepsi?
- I have a hypenated name....and it gets me when people ask me what's a hyphen or think that "hypen" is part of my name.
- When cashier's in stores can't count your change if the cash register goes down.
- People on cell phones in public
- Reading blackberries during meetings
- Drivers who don't use their turn signals (mostly men) (and they say women can't drive!)
- Drivers who honk at you the nano second the light turns green
To be continued......
(gotta go back to work now)


not so common said...

Yeah, and I hate it when the conversation turns to the President, now in his second term, and NO ONE admits voting for him...loved that clothing label, byw, where can I but some of those clothes?

not so common said...

Thank you for your seet comments about the ring and about me. If I am beautiful (and the jury may still be out) it is because I surround myself with beautiful people. Thank you for being my friend! ok,ok I feel myself welling up. gotta go now!