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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interview Meme

Interview Meme

Mike (the evil one) sent me these five interview questions that I so (stupidly?) asked to answer. He made them up and now I must keep my end of the bargain and answer them. So here goes.

1) If for one day you could be someone else, who would that be and why?

Although I really don't mind being myself, if I must chose someone it would be Cleopatra, because she basically had the world at her feet, was far ahead of her time too. She had "guys" feeding her grapes and fanning her and carrying her around, not to mention the power she weilded over that part of the world and her great love affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. (I would pass on the asp.)

2) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

I can only say that it would most likely involve making children smile and laugh...which is one of life's great moments.

3) If you found out the world was going to end in 24 hours, what would you do?

I would keep it simple. Since I wouldn't have time enough to get to Tahiti, I'd get my ass to the nearest marina, steal a very large boat or yacht, gather my family and friends and take it out in the ocean and just watch the sea and the sky....remembering the two things that give me the most peace.

4) Given George Bush, Rosie O'Donnell and Al Sharpton, who would you fuck, marry and kill?
And explain why? (this is the question that makes me think mike is a very evil person)
(I'm only answering this becasue it was asked. Make it publically known that I disassociate myself with any and all feelings about this question or these people.)

a) I would fuck with Al Sharpton's mind., cause he's done it enough to everyone else. (I'm not going to fuck any of these people literally, thank you very much!)

b) I would marry George Bush (gagging as I write this) but it would only be because I need a bigger closet and more living space (and of course, this marriage WOULD NOT be consumated)

c) I would kill Rosie O'Donnell, well just because.

5) If you could spend one hot and romantic night with anyone on earth, who would it be?

Liam Neissen!!! I find him to be really sexy and attractive, not to mention he's a great charactor actor, has a great strong voice and body. I've seen him in every play he's done and my friends had to tie me down so I wouldn't storm the stage.

If you would like to do this meme.....leave me a comment saying "Interview me".
I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
Thank you Mike! :-)



Roger said...

hahaha good answers! Tough questions Odat :D

Odat said...

Roger, yes they were very tough questions...I may add Mike's name in the question as to who I may want to kill! lol.

Ralph said...

Question #4 was handled very skillfully! Also, to be friends with the real Marc Anthony or Richard Burton?

Odat said...

Ralph, lol..thanks...and since I don't know what the real Marc Anthony looked like, I'd go with Richard Burton...;-)

Mike M said...

Ok, ODAT, you lived up to your end, so I am going to give you a chance to get me back.......Interview ME!!!

BTW, I would have (being a girl and all) F'ed GB, Just to say I got a president, Married Rosie (for the money. She is going to kick off soon) and kill AL, like you said, just because!

Odat said...

Mike...Ok I'll be happy to interview you! Give me some time to think up some really, really good questions...hehe.
ps..and gag gag gag on your answers there!

Michael C said...

Whoa? Awesome layout!!!! Thought I was at the wrong site

As far as your answer to #2...want to come out and babysit two kids who like to laugh??? ;-)

Odat said...

Michael, thanks...and, sure, what not ship the twins overnight Fed Ex...I'll be glad to watch em!!!

CS said...

One of my favorite things abot Cleopatra was that decorative snake. But, boy #4 was a doozie. Even trying to answer it in my head gave me the heebies. I think you answered it as well as possible. My answer might have been a)NONE of them! b) NONE of them! and c) ALL of them!

Matt-Man said...

Okay, but would you marry George Bush in Tahitit?

MyUtopia said...

I like the idea of stealing the yhatt

Kiyotoe said...

you're right, it takes an evil mind to come up with a question involving Bush, Sharpton and Rosie.

666 kind of evil.

Loving Annie said...

Heh-heh... Poor Al Sharpton really has it coming to him !

Happy Tuesday afternoon, Odat !

Yeah, I'd take Elizabeth Taylor's face but with my brain and no addicitons and great physical health !

And just being on a 175 ft. yacht would be a blast !!!

Dan said...

Because is a very good reason in regards to killing Rosie.

Hammer said...

It would take a flesh eating bacteria about 11 years to kill Rosie ;)

Odat said...

cs hey..i did the best i could with

matt-man...I'd do anything if I were in Tahiti!!!

my, you can come!

kiyote, Got that right! ;-)

dan, thanks for agreeing with me!


Meloncutter said...

Damn. I was sure I was in the running for the hot and steamy night thingy.

Yer cut off.

Later Y'all

Odat said...

Melon...aww..don't cut me's just that i didn't have your picture to put up...

The CEO said...

You did much better than I would have. Well done. Really!

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

You must be a good dancer, because some extraordinarily deft footwork there on the toughies.

Odat said...

ceo, I'm sure you would have done just as good! And thanks.

Oh I can dance really good (when I have to! ;-)

crazy working mom said...

heh heh answered those very well. :)

HELL NO, I don't wanna be interviewed. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I like Liam Neissen too. Not sure why, I think he carries an air of charm around him. And sure, meme me, interview me, I need the distraction. Thanks!

Polly Jean said...

hi. thanks for stumbling in, i'm glad you did. i guess i've stumbled back on you. i'm looking forward to dancing through a bit.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Bravo! Bravo! You handled those questions wonderfully and wisely. My respect for you is soaring. I would gladly feed you grapes.

Odat said...

cwm, I

pool, great! I'll send you your questions shortly!! hehe.

polly, thanks for stumbling back..
and likewise!

lgs, awww...thanks!!!

Girl on the Run... said...

OK... Mike should get smacked for the thing! Poor thing!!

Seeing that you were such a good sport, interview away! :)

Ill be brave but please no alsharpton,rosie,gw~!


Lizza said...

Nearly spewed my coffee at your answers to #4.

Spiffy new layout, Odat! Your banner is so nice.

Danielle said...

That was a tough interview. Marry Bush! I would marry him to put him in a very vulnerable position!!!!

I did this awhile ago and would love to be interviewed. This is one of my favorite memes.

As always sweets.

Hope to see you tomorrow at my spot for the Blogathon. 48 posts in 24 hours.

As always.....