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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quiz Time Sunday

You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"

Your Hillbilly Name Is...

Lil' Dolly Beaver

You Are Lacy Panties

You're one seductive chica, but you've also got a ton of class.
You are like a pinup girl, with timeless beauty and sexiness.
Men are afraid to talk to you, knowing they'll be addicted to your charm immediately.
Only a true manly man, confident in himself, is your perfect match.



Paul said...

Little Dolly Beaver ? Yum ! Yum ! :-)

Michael C said...

Dolly Beaver? That is SO classic!!

Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning the 29th to you Odat !
Just came by to say hello and see what was new with you !
Today is "thank-you's" on my blog, and you are mentioned with a link !
*cyber hugs and smiles*
Loving Annie

p.s. I liked all 3 of those things ! Very cute !

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i don't even have to play to know i am "grannie panites" honey! ha ha

smiles, bee

lala said...

i'm basic panties. i make boring look fun.

is that a compliment??

crazy working mom said...

I'm animal also!

I'm Betty Sue Duke.

I am also Lacy Panties...

seems we have a bit in common. ;)

Roger said...

hahaha thats good stuff! Hope ya had a great weekend Odat ;D

evalinn said...

U just seem to sparkle ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am Miss Piggy, Betty Rose Farmer and Designer panties. oh, boy.

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Now you sound like a very interesting person .....LOL!