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Friday, June 06, 2008


Raven, from "Views from Raven's Nest" has offered up a challenge that she calls "wordzzles".  She gives us between 8 and 10 words/phrases and we are asked to create a small but coherent paragraph using each and every word.  This is my second attempt at this.  It's fun!

The words for this week's 10-word challenge are:
Roaring lion
Green green grass of home
face cream
trout fishing

Mr. Crow was getting really angry now. (yes crows get angry).  He flew down and swooped the spaghetti off of the plate of the two young lovers at the outdoor cafe, flew with it all the way home, only to get it all tangled up in the larkspur blooming under his tree!  Damn, where was his Prilosec when he needed it?

Mrs. Crow was adamant about having spaghetti tonight.  So much so she scarred every bird from the tree by screeching like a roaring lion:  "Hey Crowdaddy...I see you've gotten our dinner all tangled up in that thar larkspur again"! Her filibuster on the subject made Mr. Crow reach for his Prilosec again!

"Oh", Mr. Crow lamented, "What I wouldn't give to see the green, green grass of home once more". "Wait a minute", he thought, "wouldn't I'd rather see the green, green leaves of the trees?"  Such a paradox!   This got him thinking back to his youth, watching the humans trout fishing along the shore and waiting to pounce on their catch.  He sighed in contentment.

He was suddenly snapped out of his daydream by a face-creamed Mrs. Crow demanding her spaghetti dinner!!!!

The End



Akelamalu said...

LOL fabulous Odat! :)

Richard said...

I very much liked the Crow familiy's dinner plans.


Jeff B said...

Poor Mr Crow, completely hen pecked. (birds of another feather you know)

Looks like the Wordzzle bug has bitten you as well. Two weeks now. Fun isn't it?

Raven said...

You do have to feel sorry for poor Mr. Crow. Very funny. I have lots of crows around my yard. I'll think of them differently now.

Dianne said...

Crows getting spaghetti stuck in the larkspur! Brilliant!

I'm so glad you joined Wordzzle and came back again!

You're really good at this.

Claudia said...

ROFL! I'll let you handle these wordzzle moments, I'd be pulling my hair out!!! You rock.

The CEO said...

I'm with Claudia here. You can handle all my Wordzzle problems, thank you.


Roger said...

hahahaha awesome Odat! :D

RennyBA said...

I'm amazed about how you can play with words - but then again I'm a Norwegian, so English is far from my native tongue of course :-)

Jay said...

That was really great! Crows eating spaghetti for dinner! Who knew crows loved Italian food so much? ;-)

Patti said...

This is great fun. You're good at this kind of stuff, Miss Odat ;-)

Odat said...

Thanks all! Ya know, I have no idea where this came from...the picture of it all just popped into my mind. I wonder what it signifies??? hmmm.

Kimmie said...

I love Crows Odat! Being a folk artist making crows is a big part of it! This little story just tickled me. Very cute and creative! Crows and Spaghetti...Priceless!

Girl on the Run... said...

Odat... as always I am always impressed! HI! Hope all is well sorry I've been away so long... will catch up soon! All the best, M

the walking man said...

A fair bit o whimsy O.

the teach said...

I did a Wordzzle today Odat! Love your story! Am also reminding you to post something red on Ruby Tuesday... :D

Betty said...

Well done, Odat! Poor old Mr. Crow. Mrs. Crow is such a nag!