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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Twinheads/Shoes/Weddings N'Shit

I believe I mentioned awhile ago that my "twinhead" is getting married this June. The reason I call her my Twinhead is because we both have very curly hair (yeah mine is very curly when it dries naturally) and we look like twins from the back. (I know, I know...I'm nuts).

Well, anyway, Twinhead kidnapped me at lunch time yesterday to go downtown to Kate Spade's to pick up wedding shoes she ordered. We went outside and sniffed the air first, (ok, it was safe to go outside today!)

You would think that I, being the good friend that I am, would assist her when we got there. You know, like opening up the boxes for her and going OOOOOH and AHHHHHHH. Well I did go OOOO and AWWWW. But I did it from across the store, where I was trying on my own damn shoes! I mean is it all about her? Just because she's getting married, does that make her special. Well, when I'm in a shoe store, it's all about me! I know some of you can relate to this! Anyway...when the shoes I tried on didn't fit well...I decided to go over to twinhead..(actually she requested my help, she yelled "HELP ME" from across the room) I was feeling guilty then so I sort of helped her and I'm sure she was grateful. Hehe. She's going to kill me when she reads this.

.....the shoes she ordered she didn't really like (too plain she said) ..I loved them...then she tried on all sorts of too high and too low shoes, from plain to sequined, to really big bowed ones (too clownish). Oh did I mention she has trouble walking in very high heels? I told her she's got to practice. She didn't get any shoes! Neither did I... Damn. Onward to more shoe stores! Hehe.
Grateful List:
1) Having a clean car(free of nose spots on the windows from the dog).
2) Good friends (like Twinhead).
3) New shoes.
4) Metro cards
5) Chicken chili soup.


Matt-Man said...

Tell her to go with a nice pair of black thigh high boots.

not so common said...

I'm honored...and, i'm gonna cry...
When I'm done, want to do more shopping? Still need those shoes.

Black thigh high boots? hmmmmm Where would I put the garter?

Michael C said...

Sadly, our mid-day shopping breaks are for new CDs at Target. Probably not the same. We always have smells where I work. We are in the same city as several dairy farms. When temperature is warm and the wind is just right, the smell wafts throught the air...well, you get the point.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

odat you have another friend getting married (besides mist1)??? ask her if i can be her official cake tester. i am real good at it. tell her just to go to my blog and hunt down a picture of me and look at my ass! that PROVES i'm good at cake. tell her i will go to the place they make the cake and taste all of them and give her my professional opinion and remember, i have references, well reference,but mist1 is really popular so that should count for extra, okay? and honey, put in a good word for me, would you? now about those shoes, i like the one on the right, but what do i know. i'd fall off them in a heartbeat you know. it's all the cake i get to taste for brides. now i think i need a nap, would you mind if i just rested for a little while? mary anne will let me rest there if you don't want me to or mo will also.... i think i need cake......... yeah that must be it, cake withdrawal, mercy me, hey! see that book over there? have you read that yet? let me have a closer look at it honey. what? your diary? oh. well i'll just read a little, hand me my glasses would you? oh my, odat, i thought you kept your panties ON when you went to work honey. you said you did. sigh.... we have to have a little talk. i'll be back later when i can remember what i want to talk to you about, okay? sigh.... bee

Claudia said...

Having the right pair of shoes is a matter of absolute urgency!! Keep shopping!! (I'll be with you in spirit!!)

Dan said...

Two women go shopping for shoes and both come back empty-handed.

I'm heading for my underground bunker right now.

The CEO said...

Are you going to bring in consultants if it gets too close to the wedding and neither of you have no shoes?

Pickled Olives said...

Shoes.....I can't imagine the search ended after just one store. What kind of shoppers are you? Where is your list of shops to start with, ones to go to after the first ones fail, the really expensive shops with shoes you really can't afford - but give you ideas for knock off (after all you will only wear them for one day) The list for the stores you will go to if nothing else works. And of course the places you will look on line for? This is for WEDDING shoes. This day happens only once! (hopefully) SO, get your hiney's out there and start shopping right!!! Enjoy and Peace!

Lizza said...

Shopping for shoes is frustrating; they usually don't have my size. I'd be so hot if I were a man.

Keep on looking, I'm sure you'll find something your feet will fall in love with!

Liz said...

Good for you that you looked for shoes for yourself too! Too bad neither of y'all got anything though. I remember I ended up getting the shoes I wore to my wedding from payless. I only wore them that one day and they were some super cute white satin sandal heels (about 2 inches) with a little bit of rhinestone trim. $17 and everybody thought they were cute...not like they were really looking at all though.

ShadowFalcon said...

Shoes shoes and more shoes, in january when all the sales are on I behave and try not to over spend, but I take this time buy myself super expensive shoes for 20% of the price.

I just bought some lovely boots...ah you can never have enough shoes.

Odat said...

Matt, you're such the fashion advisor...didn't know that about you.

Twinhead...yeah know we'll go again, and again, and again!

michael, so when you listen to the cd's you bought at target's does the smell come back to ya? ahahaha

bee, me thinks you're tasting too much cake lately...and hey, don't go telling the world about me and my pantie wearing, ok?

Claudia, We'll conquer the shoe stores for sure...thanks for being there!

But we did come back with something, just wasn't shoes!

I don't think we have to worry about not having shoes, believe me!

Pickled, well since we were doing this on our lunch hour, we just couldn't travel all over the city...but we will, I assure you!

Lizza, we'll find em!!!

Yes, this is the time of year to buy, buy, buy....did I mention buy?


liz, I'm so bad...every time I shop with someone I wind up buying something for me.

Lee said...

If you wanna helper at a shoe store, you must bring a straight man. Girls are incapable.

And I once had clean car windows without dog nose smudges...for about 30 seconds.

Crankster said...

I think that just hanging out with a friend during wedding planning officially puts you on a "bound for heaven" list.


She should go for comfort over style...I would recommend some white Crocs. ;)