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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why/Why Not/Thank You

So why is my horoscope on my msn page in German? Everything else is in English! Damn. I never read it anyway so I don't know why I care.
And why is it going to be 70 degrees out today, Januray 6, 2007? Happy Little Christmas? Do we say that? Why am I doing this? Is it because I just feel I must put up a post? Even if I have nothing to say? But I do....just not now. Oh wait, there is something....I've been doing my "Grateful List" each night, like I used to....I list 5 things out of the day I'm grateful for, gives me nice thoughts to go to sleep with...keeps my sanity sometimes too. Here's mine for yesterday:

I'm grateful for:

1. Fridays!!!
2. Having a great paying job
3. Full moons
4. Sunshine
5. Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tell me one of yours. (Please?)



kate said...

I'd be totally overanalyzing the horoscope thing right now... hehehe

ok as for what I am grateful for... hummmmmmmmmmmm

1. The beach being 40 minutes away
2. My families healthy
3. ummm
4. there is more but I will have to give it some thought...
5. yip I will need to get back to ya on the rest of the list... but then again, you only asked for one so I am ahead of the game... store the #2 for next time... just in case! hehehe

SGT DUB said...

your horoscope in German means you will be taking a long journey very soon to a German deli to have a soup and sandwich. I could be wrong, it's happened before.

Things I am thankful/happy for:
1. Internet and phones to talk with my family
2. My family
3. Our Country
4. hot chocolate
5. the hickory farms chees package I got for Christmas.

Just D said...

Here are mine, not necessarily in the order of importance:

1. My good friends;

2. My kids (even if they drive me insane);

3. Having such a great boss to work for (even if he does tell me I'm cynical);

4. Being able to live on my own and support myself;

5. Knowing that just for today, my biggest worry is getting my laundry done.

Pickled Olives said...

i am grateful for:
my family's health
my family
my good friends
65 degree days in January

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well now these commenters certainly cannot follow simple directions, you said tell you one of yours, and off they go, telling you five. sigh.... so, with that said, i'm going for five too. i always was a rebel! and i am thankful for soooo many things, i may not even limit it to five! we'll see, and with that, here goes:

1) that i get to be mist1's cake taster. now she gets engaged so often i think i will have a lifetime supply of cake and that is certainly something to be thankful for.
2) that you get to be her bridgemaid and not me, i hate turquoise dresses that make me look like i am in a sausage casing gone bad
3) that i won a skittle award for 2006, now i can hold that over so many little people
4)that my feet are too big for prada shoes. well actually, if the truth is told, it is my ass that is too big to wear prada shoes because i would look ridiculous trying to balance on them. anyway, i am thankful i don't have to spend the money on them.
5)i am thankful that charlie has a blog because i can do whatever i want and he never even knew i left!
6)i am thankful for you odat, you are a hoot!!!


Claudia said...

70 degrees??? I am turning green now. Right now. Green. Emerald Green!!
I am thankful for my friends here...coffeee is always on the list!! :)

ian said...
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ian said...

I'm grateful for my friends, my bloggies, and my family.

I'm boring that way.


The CEO said...

Rushing today Odat, so as fast as I can:

1. I love coming to your blog because I can almost always change my attitude and get a laugh here

2. My wife, and her health

3. My cat, and her health

4. My health

5. My remaining friends, because really good friends are hard to find, and then keep

Have a fabulous day, until tomorrow, or whenever

Lizza said...

Guten Tag, Ich liebe dich, n'scheiβe!

I'm thankful for being alive, for the family and friends (online & offline) that I have, the technology that brings so many tangible and intangible blessings, the beer that I'm savoring right now, and even the trials that come my way because I know that they make me stronger.

Do those count as one? Haha!

Wishing you a memorable weekend, Odat.

Michael C said...

Grateful for:
1. The work week being over
2. Lucy, Ethel and my wife
3. That all the Christmas stuff at Target went to 90% off
4. Beautiful weather and finally great health so that I could walk four miles this morning
5. Canned meat

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Do you love Barb at Skittle's Place? Please check out my post then pass it on :)

Odat said...

Kate, Now ya got me thinking about that

Sgt...I think I'll make some weiner shneitzel later....

D, don't worry so much bout that laundry ok?

Pickled, Isn't this warm weather wild????

Bee, If you think I'm a hoot, you're a hoot X 10! I love it that charlie doesn't even know you've gone...lmao! That's priceless.

Claudia, yeah, coffee! good!

Ian, you're far from boring!

ceo, you're very sweet..thanks!

lizza, are you cursing at me in German?? I'm impressed! What did you say???

michael, canned meat??????? :0

Thanks all for sharing!!! I think i'm going to put my grateful list up each day....(maybe)...


mist1 said...

Am grateful for Issy. My kitty. Am also grateful that I learned how to trim his claws.

Bikerbabenj said...

I wish I could think of something clever, besides you already responded to the rest. sighhhhh..

I'm thankful in knowing that there is a God who I happen to be counting on to hook me up with a job because I'm doing everything humanly possible here. (without losing my mind and hope) And, when it's all said and done, I will get to meet Him to thank Him in person for all the blessings He's given me.

That's my #1-5 today.

thethinker said...

1. Gummy Bears
2. My iPod
3. Blogging
4. The Weekend
5. Realy buttery popcorn

Skittles said...

I'm grateful I have a warm,cozy bed and a good book to read when I get there!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm grateful to be me, even though half the time, I don't know what to do with me either.

I have many blessings -- a near-perfect husband, fantastic kids, great friends, human and four-legged, a world of interesting, kind and funny blog buddies, I live in a wonderful city, and am finally able to do what I want with my time. Life is good.

Lizza said...

Haha! I said good morning, I ♥ you, and n'shit!

Crankster said...

Things to be grateful for:
1. Cats when they're in snuggly moods.
2. Unsalted almonds.
3. Fresh squeezed Orange Juice
4. Running naked in the snow (with sneakers, of course).
5. Christopher Moore's books.

Rose said...

Five things I'm thankful for

1. I'm thankful for the special bond I had with my mother though she is gone now her memory lives with me.

2. I'm thankful for the five weeks I had with my baby girl though her life was taken to soon.

3. I'm thankful for my children.

4. I'm thankful I have been blessed with a loving man.

5. I'm thankful that in the midst of my tears there are those who care enough about me to try to get a smile.