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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ghosts on the Mountain by A Lake

It sits upon a mountain somewhere in Idaho, waiting to greet you with it's ghostlike frame. How did it get here? Who would have brought it here? What happened to it?

Rumor has it that when the wind blows at night you can hear the children yelling to let them out of school. They don't want to go to school. They'd rather be fishing or frolicking in the meadow there on top of the mountain. Is it their spirits' we hear or is it only the wind? The story also goes that just about the time the sun sets you can actually see them! Trying to get your attention if you're close by. You may feel a featherlike tickle on your face and think its a dandelion flying by in the breeze. It's the children, wanting to be set free. What do you think is the story behind this ghost bus? Ghost letter short of ghost bust...buster...busters!

Aha! That's where they came from or is it that's where they're going. I have no idea what I'm doing now......


The picture was actually taken last week by my blogging buddy
Roger (oger)

Five things I'm grateful for today:

1) Sunshine (on my shoulder.....)

2) That my lil dog has a home

3) Hell, that I have a home too!

4) Straight irons (for hair, that is) (as opposed to gay irons? ahahaha)

5) Pedicures


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you are a funny girl odat...

smiles, bee

Michael C said...

Now I'm scared Odat!!!!!!

Matt-Man said...

They have buses in Idaho?

Paul said...

Maybe hippies left it there Odat ! :)

Danielle said...

My first impression was the same as Paul's. Very eerie to say the least.

As always...

Loving Annie said...

Odat, does that mean there are bi-sexual irons too ?? (lol :)

I left you 'special blessings' on my blog today !

I enjoy coming to read here - it feels good !

Pedicures and manicures are definitely things to be grateful for !
(I do silks 'cause my nails are so thin/break so easily, and finish it with translucent pink polish - what about you ?)

Odat said...

hiya bee, well it takes one to know one ;-)

michael, don't be afwaid...

matt-man, apparently they you can see! They don't have A/C tho...

Paul, Far out man!

danielle, can you imagine coming across this up on a mountain?
(I'm going to do your "tag" tomorrow)

Annie, I believe I have a bi-sexual iron. It curls and straightens!
I coming over to you blog right now to count my blessings...thanks
It's always nice to see you too!

I just get my nails painted...I keep them on the short side cause I'm always working in the garden or using them as a tool of some I usually wear pale orange in the summer and red in the winter and in between I get french manicures and pedicures.


Matt said...

Who dat?

You are too funny w/ the dance music.

Mike M said...

Girl, you got too much talent!!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

Mrs Dub had a post this weekend, Miss dub was going to camp for a week, home alone, hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

Roger said...

Well I heard that bus belong to the Mansion family WAHOHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding ;D nice post Odat!!!

Odat said... the song? anyone touch your ta la la today??? ahahahaha

mike..hmmm...not really..but thank you!!!

sarge, oh???? nice! I'm glad to hear that! hehe.

roger, haha you're such a kidder!!!
and thanks for the pic!!!!!!


eyechan said...

intriguing and haunting! nice one:)

Paul said...

Odat Cornjulio thinks you are tip top. :)