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Sunday, June 03, 2007

World Records

(The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post. I just kinda liked it!)
Guinness Book Of World Records

Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, and Quasimodo were all talking one day.

Sleeping Beauty said, "I believe myself to be the most beautiful girl in the world."

Tom Thumb said, "I must be the smallest person in the world."

Quasimodo said, "I absolutely have to be the most tacky, rude, crude, gross & disgusting person in the world."

So they all decided to go to the Guinness Book of World Records to have their claims verified.

Sleeping Beauty went in first and came out looking deliriously happy.

"It's official; I AM the most beautiful girl in the world."

Tom Thumb went next and emerged triumphant, "I am now officially the smallest person in the world."

Sometime later, Quasimodo comes out looking utterly confused and says,
"Who the heck is Rosie O'Donnell? "


Mike M said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi odat! that was a good one! what is the little snot dog doing? did he eat my cake odat? sarge is still sore but is finally getting a little better. poor guy. (cause i have CHORES for him to do!) have a good sunday odat, i have to go find some cake or chocolate or something, there is nothing in here today!

smiles, bee

Michael C said...

That's funny - but, that dog picture will have me afraid to sleep with the lights off tonight.

Matt-Man said...

Ha. Bada BIng. Great Pic, it looks like one of WIR induced hallucinations. Cheers odat.

Loving Annie said...

Ha-ha-ha !!!! That was good, Odat !!!!

And what is the og doing with the syringe ??? I've never heard of a 'crack chi-wa-wa' before !!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Uh oh, somebody's got a widdle pwoblem.

"Puweeese, Sir, could I have more gruel?"

The CEO said...

That was terrific!

Odat said...

Mike, thanks for the visit!

bee, sorry bout the cake! but i'm glad to here sarge is doing better so you can put him to work!!!

michael, don't worry, "rest assured" the dog will be good..hehe.

Hiya Annie,
Well, he didn't get his treat today, soooo........

I think there's more than gruel needed ;-)

ceo, to see you!


ian said...


Thanks, Odat - that one was great!


Odat said...

Ian, I thought so too!!! ;-)

Jenn said...

he he he...

Sarge Charlie said...

Yep rosie is a winner in this case, I suspect her dog would shoot dope....

ramo said...

Well, who the heck is Rosie O'Donnell? I gotta google now

ShadowFalcon said...

lol, well that my first laugh on a onday morning in ages!

CS said...

Okay, I know the picture had nothing to do with the post, but you freaked this needle-phobe out!

My heart runneth over... said...




~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

LOL, that is just too wrong and funny!