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Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monkey Monday

Happy Monkey Monday All!


Back from Boston in one piece.....

A great time was had by all at Twinhead's wedding. I'll be posting a little something about her big day later in the week.


Five things I'm grateful for:
1) Fast cars
2) Good music
3) the ability to laugh at just about anything
4) Swimming pools
5) Hot showers.


Mike M said...

Welcome back!!
1) fast cars - Cool
2) good music - Cool
3) The ability to laugh as just about anything - Cool
4) swimming pools - Cool
5) Hot Showers - Cool

Dude, we gotta hang out!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

glad you are back honey, did you bring me any wedding cake?

smiles, bee

Matt-Man said...

Welcome Back Odat!! Did you catch the garter belt?

Peace said...

I'm greatfull for big, beautifull women - Slow curveballs over the outside corner, good books, sunny days and Helen Mirren !! Pax.

Michael C said...

That is funny!!!

I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! I didn't realize how much I needed my daily dose of your wisdom! Glad you had a great time.

Sarge Charlie said...

too funny, and the music kills me, you touched my ta la la......

Odat said...

Hey Mike,
Bring it on dude! lol

Bee...damn I did save you some cake, but I think I left it under my pillow at the hotel!

Matt-man! The garter belt???????
No but i did find a nice jockey strap!

michael c,'s good to be back...I missed my blog! lol and if you think you get wisdom here, you're sicker than I thought!

Sarge, lol I thought that song was a riot too!

Peace!!! Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Loving Annie said...

Welcome back, Odat !

Brazillian waxes are the best invention since thigh-high stockings and the stiletto heel !

Odat said...

annie, uh huh!!!!!

evalinn said...

Good things to be grateful for! :-)

Mebsmommy said...

sorry I ruined your appetite! ;)

I'm looking forward to see what you come up with for the letter "I"

Great addition to 'the experiment' by the way! I can't wait for it to be my turn.............although I will have to write out an org chart to make sure I have all of the details straight.

Paul Champagne said...

I always love that you have things to be thankful for on your posts ... it lifts my spirits ... thank you.

Girl on the Run... said...

That is just so hysterical! Love the tra la la! lol

Gosh I should wear depends when I stop by here.. I nearly wet myself!

All the best!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

All I can say about that cartoon is "Wow".

Danielle said...

I am "feeding" on you right now. It's been awhile and I find you have gone to my hometown. I love the cartoon.
Oh yeah, I tagged you with a meme of Sling's creation.

As always...

Akelamalu said...

Popped over from The Experiment.
Love the cartoon and the music got my feet tappin'......