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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Meme Trois

Paul over at Shadow of Diogenes tagged me for the following three question meme, ergo the

Meme Trois (sounds kinda kinky, huh? ;-)
(Q1) What is your favorite kind of music ?

I would have to say classic rock is the music I listen to most. But my music also varies according to the mood I'm in and the location also effects it. For example, while travelling to work it's got to be hopping and loud and fast to get my blood going...but coming home I need a little more soothing music to calm my soul. I sometimes turn on classical music for that. When I'm putzing around the house or doing some cleaning I usually play show tunes and sing along with them. It makes me energetic and my singing usually keeps people away from me, far, far away...;-)
so I get more done!

(Q2) Who is the most beautiful woman or handsome man whom you have ever seen ?

Although this question seems really easy to answer, it isn't, for me. My defininition of beauty or handsomeness is most likely different than others. But I tried to think of someone who has outer beauty as well as charisma and just by looking at them makes me smile. It's not anyone in particular but I'm going to have to say that the most handsome man by my definition has a combination of a sexy smile, smiling eyes, strong body, dark hair, tall.
Liam Neissen (the actor) is an example of sexy and handsome to me as well as Michelangelo's "David" which a fine example of artistic beauty, except that I would have liked to see a larger, hmmmm, well you know).

(Q3) What is one thing that some people do that makes you boiling mad ?

It really bothers me when someone interupts me when I'm trying to say something. You know the kind. While you're talking, they start saying, oh yeah that happened to me and totally switch the conversation? Well what I do now, is totally ignore that the person has said anything and just give them the evil eye look, and continue to talk. Sometimes I raise my voice just a little and most of the time the other person shuts the hell up!!!!!!

Thanks Paul for the tag, and I'll tag all of you or none of you....if you feel like doing it.. (huh Ian, one more??? ;-)



Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that was nice odat! hope you have a good weekend honey!

smiles, bee

Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday morning Odat !

Classic rock it is. I loved the 70's and 80's !

I'd agree with you on your general man description... And also on Michaelangelo's David... Twice as big...

Being interrupted usually mean someon isn't interested in what you are syaing -- only in what they have to say. That is annoying.

People talking on their cell phones while driving is what makes me really mad. So do people who cross the street without looking first to see if a car is coming. And men who lie to women, yeah, that gets my goat too...

Michael C said...

I hate the interrupting too. So much so that I have found myself doing it lately...sorry

ian said...

Yeah, sure. Why not? :D


The CEO said...

I love your musical taste, think you're gorgeous without makeup and look way better than Cameron Diaz, and that you're a normal, reasonable person. And who would know better?

Matt-Man said...

Number 3 hits close to home for me. I have a friend that I call once a week and boy, talk about statement interruptus. Cheers Odat!!

Skittles said...

A big UGH for the #3! I hate that too!!!

C said...

I have a friend that has to monopolize the whole conversation and it sucks because by the time you get a word in - you have forgotten what you want to say

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The constant interrupting is a New York thing, I think. Everyone I know from there does it, and so do I unless I make an effort not to because it's so rude.

The older I get, the more I realize that beauty is more the result of beautiful thoughts and deeds than of symmetrical features.

CS said...

Everyone in my family interrupts. It's maddening, and you have to interrupt back in self-defense.

My heart runneth over... said...

So hate when the talking thing happens...

Im with you most mornings i need something loud and fast.. to motivate me! Than when I arrive at work ... reality sets in... nothing will help!


All the best always,

Anonymous said...

Good answers. I hate being interupted by people too.

ShadowFalcon said...

ummmmmmmm Liam Neissen, I'm with you there!