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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

LIkes and Dislikes...Starting with I

mebsmommy tagged me to list my likes and dislikes, but they have to begin with the letter "i".
This is going to be a hard one ...I may have to go to the dictionary to look up "i" words...;-)

Ok here goes:

Irises, especially purple ones.
Ice Cream, partial to pure vanilla.
Igloos, because they look rather cozy, doncha think?
Iguanas, I've always been partial to lizard like things.
Idaho, where at least one nice person lives, potatoes thrive and is very beautiful.
Innies, as opposed to outies.
Interns, young and handsome!
Italian food!!!!!

Irregularity, well just because!
Idiots, but not necessarily acting idiotic, which I do on occasion.
Interviews, nerve wracking
Icicles, they really hurt when the melt and fall off the roof and hit you on the head.
Itching, I just got over poisen ivy.
Indifference, why can't we all just get along???
Interrogators, not crazy about lots of questions.

I think I'll tag Deb to list her likes and dislikes starting with the letter 'N'.

Five things I'm grateful for today:

See the first five things listed above.



Michael C said...

You pulled that off very well!!

Deb said...

Ouch.. that's a hard one. N?? hmmmmmmmmm

Paul said...

I love big boob,bar-b-que and books. LOL

Paul said...

I love big boob,bar-b-que and books. LOL

Anonymous said...

good ones Odat! Irregularity is a good dislike.

Mebsmommy said...

Yay!!!! Your uses of the letter "I" words are 'ideal!' Sorry I gave you such a difficult letter, but by the looks of your blog (creative and hilarious) I knew you could handle 'it.'

Matt-Man said...

A bunch of Irises inside an igloo would make a great picture. Cheers Odat!!

Loving Annie said...

Purple iris, vanilla ice cream and the beauty of Idaho in the summer ! Very nice, Odat ! Happy Tuesday to you !

Mike M said...

The "i"'s have it!!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

Why don't you like questions, ODAT? Got something to HIDE!?

Odat said...

michael, Yeah, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be!

deb, you know I wasn't going to give you an easy one now!

paul, so you're working on the B's I

pool, Thanks!!! lol

mebs, thanks again for the tag. It was fun, actually!

matt-man, As long as the "intern" can come along! Would be a wonderful thing!

annie, nice huh? thanks!

mike, very good!

Matt...It's not that I don't mind questions, just not a lot of them!
and at this stage in life, mine is pretty much an open book.
("...everybody's got something to hide cept me and my monkey..." ahahaha)


Dan said...

I'm with you on idiots ... now pass me some vanilla ice cream. I LOVE vanilla ice cream.

Roger said...

There is a person in New York that I like ;D

Odat said...

dan...a fellow vanilla lover!!!

roger...and i wonder who that might be. :-)

Sunrunner said...

Pretty good!!!

Paul said...

Insincere people.