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Monday, November 26, 2007

PJ' Time

PJ Time

The Crankster and The CEO passsed the PJ Award along to me and this is what they said:

Crankster, being a prankster thought my pajamas might look like this: " Odat's pajamas are warm, fuzzy, and embracing. They're multi-layered, made out of flannel, and perfect for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate. They come in warm, friendly colors and are embroidered with monkies. " Aww ain't that cute...I like to think of myself as warm and fuzzy, but with a little bit of glitz or some cleavage

I found these monkey pj's on the web...i just may order them! ;-) hehe.
And The CEO who is just so very sweet (or on drugs, hehe) said this: "So I am nominating the really classy blogs............Odat, puts out high quality, wonderful material seven days a week. Odat is a staple of mental health. Remember this when the Bloggie Nominations come around, please." (mental health??????????????????) oh well....I'll take it where I can get it!

These are two blogs that I've been reading probably since I started to blog. Both are well written and have a lot to offer the world. I thank them both for being part of my blog experience and for being good friends!

So......with warm and fuzzy feelings I'm passing this award along to Patti and Miss Bee, both of whom have become warm and fuzzy friends; and to Matt-Man whose robe is a sight for sore eyes and his blog always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling ;-0



buffalodickdy said...

You know, that would make a good post- what bloggers wear to bed! I wear an oversized robe- I get a new one every Christmas!

Ian Thomas Healy said...

You are absolutely deserving of that award, Odat! Spot on!


Matt-Man said...

Thanks Odat, and oddly enough the robe will be making an appearance on my site today. Thanks again, and Cheers!!

Roger said...

Thats a original award lol I have never heard of it...But thats all you baby! :D

Odat said...

buffalo, what a great idea! I'm going to do that soon!

Ian, thanks sooo much!

matt-man, you're so welcome...can't wait to see the robe!!! ;-)

rogerdodger, You're a sweetie! ;-)

M@ said...

Someone will eventually give you a "Sexy Blogger Award," you funky monkey.

Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday morning to you, Odat !You and your pajamas are in good company with Patti and Bee !
Congratulations on the award !

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray! Monkey pajamas! Hurray! Pajamas.... Maybe I should go back to bed.... ;)

katherine. said...

rumor has it MattMan has a monkey under that robe....

Odat said...

M@, They better hurry up...Time's awasting here!!! lol

annie, thank you and happy tuesday to you!

claudia, Yup, monkey pjs!!!!!

katherine, ya think he'll put that on YouTube??????


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

odat where are my pajamas? that's what i want to know! ha ha ha

thanks honey!

smiles, bee

Liz said...

I hear Victoria's Secret is having a sale on pajamas so this award is quite timely for you. I don't think they have any with monkeys on them. But they should!

Odat said...

Bee, I think Snotdog packed them by mistake! and you're very welcome!

liz, those are my kind of pajamas!!! Maybe I'll invent a line called Odat's Monkeys...;-)


Ralph said...

I like that slinky simian spaghetti strap sleepwear...

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Warm and fuzzy are all very fine and all, but -- fetishist that I am -- I was desiring just a tiny bit o' silk.

Odat said...

ralph, nice alliteration!!!! '-)

pawlie, The monkey on the front is made of silk!!! hehe.