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Monday, June 12, 2006

Grocercy time

Have you ever observed men at the supermarket? I don't mean oogling over them. (altho that's nice too)...I mean watching how they pick items to put in their carts. They have these painstaking expressions on their faces, as if to say, "is this the right one" "should i get this one"?, often with a list in hand most likely prepared by their better halves. Then the cell phone comes out. Calls are made....with item in hand while they read it into the phone, saying something like "well why didn't you say that on the list"? Geeze....come on men, get a lil educated here.... I mean can't you read the minds of those that prepared the list? When it says, "hotdogs" doncha know it means Nathan's? When it says bottled water, doncha know it means Evian? LOL Poor men!

Actually the only men that DO know what they're doing in a supermarket are firemen. I love watching what they're buying. They're usually great cooks too! I usually ask them: What's for dinner tonite? I've actually gotten some hints from them too! (and some phone numbers! ). ;-)
Only kidding about the phone numbers.....I can dream, can't I?



Just D said...

I need phone numbers chicklet!

Odat said... time i'll get some..or shall I give them yours???? lol

Just D said...

That works too. ;-)