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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ta Ta For Now

Well.....I finally got around to uncluttering my clothes this past Monday. The "hot" weather brought it on when I suddenly realized that I had no "hot weather" clothes readily available to snatch up off one of the chairs in my bedroom. Not only did I put away my wintery type clothes, I let go of lots of that "stuff" that seemed to be accumulating and multiplying like rabbits. Put them right into big black garbage bags and marked them for donation to a local church. And no, I didn't go thru the "maybe" or "recyle" piles advised by those "experts". Just chucked them in there and closed up the bags! Maybe a year from now I'll wonder "what ever happened to those purple flip flops, or that tee shirt I spent all night tie dying? Right now, tho, no attachments for me. Bye Bye...old I revel in my newfound spaciousness!!!!!

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