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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I need the lifts my spirit needs lifting......hurry back sun.

My Mom is in a nursing home....she has Alzheimer's disease. She fell two weeks ago and broke her arm. I got a call yesterday that she fell again. She's ok.. Seems she tries to get out of her bed and falls over the guards they have on each side. You've got to understand that my Mom is a funny woman. She's a happy go lucky older person with alzheimers. She sings and laughs and is like a five year old child. She's actually quite entertaining. Altho it breaks my heart that she is ridden with this disease and for all intents and purposes I've lost the mother i've known all my life, I'm happy that she is happy! Getting back to the phone call...I made the suggestion to the social worker that maybe, she may need a lower bed. I mean aren't they the ones in the business and should maybe consider that there is something wrong with this picture and take some corrective action so maybe, just maybe she won't fall out of bed again. Well...I got them to give her a lower bed. Hopefully she won't be falling anymore, at least out of bed. Bless ya Mom!


MyHeartHurts said...

im so sorry to hear about your Mom. Losing a Mother in your way or my way is not easy at all... I wish you all the best, prayers and warm thoughts being sent your way! Be well always. M

Odat said...

thanks my, i need all the prayers and warms thoughts i can get...back at cha!

Bikerbabenj said...

(((((((((((Mom and Odat)))))))))))) been there - the nursing home... the loss of a person's "person" and the ultimate loss. Glad she's happy! She's BEEN on my prayer list... (just moved her up a couple rankings) ;) and of course, you.

Odat said...

((((my friend)))))) thank you!