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Monday, February 19, 2007


It's Funday today, not AARRGGHH Monday! I have off from work for President's Day! Yeah for Washington and Lincoln!

I may not be doing posts for the next couple of days....but I'll try and read everyone and make comments....see y'all when I get back....

Gratitude List:
1) Down comforters
2) Nice salespersons
3) Great hairdressors
4) Clear winter skies
5) Family


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

now let me see if i have this right. you are taking a few days off from blogging. no reason, just doing it, okay then i get to stay in your comment box, right? and do anything i want in here, right? that's what i thought! ha... (spinning around and around.....tra la la tra la la, i can do anything i want in here and no one will tell me i can't, la la la la...)

thanks odat, today i am grateful for your comment box!

smiles, bee

Lee said...

Thanks for the weather and road conditions report! We had a great time in NYC!

Michael C said...

We'll miss ya! Enjoy your Funday. I always knew our Presidents were good for something!

Lizza said...

Yay for Funday!

Have a great one, Odat. But I hope you manage to squeeze one or more posts in. :-D

Claudia said...

lucky you having the day off!! See you when you get back

Nosjunkie said...

miss ya already

Sarge Charlie said...

Add chuck to you Gratitude List, I have him on mine today.

Matt-Man said...

Hurry Back Odat...My monkey is missing you.

SGT DUB said...

Hey Odat, well it's already Tuesday, thanks for the comment, I don't know if there's a spot to tell them I sent you or not, but thank you thank you. Hope Monday went well, and Tuesday is even better.