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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is It Friday or Summer Yet?

Ice, snow, ice, wind... slip sliding I.

I'd rather have just snow, ya know. The snot dog has to be dragged out, after putting on my thermal sweat shirt, down jacket, down boots, gloves, scarf, and hoods (yes two), and the dog's coat too...we walk (or slide as the case may be) for a few feet, only to have him shake his lil booty and run back into the house! Then an hour later, he's jumping to go out again, forgetting that he hates the snow and the ice and wind....he's a lil dopey....but don't tell him I wrote this, he's sensitive too!

Can ya tell I haven't been in the mood to blog lately? If I go with a dog story you know!!!
Actually this started out to be a poem, then I Didn't even feel like using my old noodle to get a laugh. Help me!!!!


Gratitude list:

1) Ice scrappers

2) Shovels

3) Fuzzy slippers

4) That no one hit me on the roads today

5) Lemon flavored tooth paste.


Matt-Man said...

We've got quite a bit of ice and snow n'shit as well...Cheers!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hey, my comment disappeared! sigh...

so sorry it is so cold there. if i remembered what i already wrote i would write it again.

thanks for posting a gratitude list today because i could only think of three today. i'll save them in case you don't have any one day and maybe by then i'll have two more. that is if i am still grateful for the three i have now. see?

smiles, bee

rebecca said...

oh!! you have a PUG!! :jump:

i adore them. had one, lost it in the divorce. he was a doll. the best dog, ever.

what is his name?

Sarge Charlie said...

Sorry you missed the fun yesterday, it was a blast.......peace

Lizza said...

Hope the weather--and your mood--improve soon. *hug*

SGT DUB said...

but he looks so happy and cute out there....he must love it.

Claudia said...

I don't blame him one bit. I always have to go again an hour later!! :)

CSL said...

That's very funny - I posted about my dog today, too, for similar reasons.

Donsie said...

nice pic of your dog Looks like it does not have a backside.
I dont no what snow feels like or looks like.
Enjoy your weekend of snow!! Sun is shining this side!!!

Crankster said...

I wish I could say warm fuzzy things, but it's just too damn cold!

Hope things are cozy for you.

Michael C said...

Head out this way. The weather was sunny and in the 80s. Absolutely beautiful! Hang in there!!!!!

Turnbaby said...

You have a pug AND a wicked sense of humor?!?!


Me too!!

In fact we have two pugs--and every frickin morning Chloe only does one bit of business before trotting back to me and every morning I have to turn her around and push her back out to finish. Ah Pugs--YUP that's just the way they are.

Cool Beans