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Thursday, February 22, 2007


We've been having a heat wave here. It got a little over 50 degrees yesterday and believe me that felt good after our freezing temps for the last couple of weeks. Nature truly amazes me. When the freeze started right after it snowed, the trees look so beautiful, all iced up, perfect for pictures. But then the power lines start to go and the chaos ensues. Amazing, isn't it, that something so beautiful can cause havoc in our daily lives. And yesterday, everything melted!!! Kind of disappointing in spite of the fact that I complain about it!

I've been busy thinking about work lately, so nothing is inspiring me to blog about. It seems I've been banished from the funny world and my laughing gene has been sleeping these last couple of days. I hate when that happens. Maybe I need some coffee. Or a chicken sandwich! Yeah that's it! (hmm I wonder where that came from?) Maybe I'll have some eggs instead.
"Everybody's got something to hide, cept me and my monkey".....I used to sing that song almost daily, since Matt Man his virtual monkey. However the unthinkable has happened!
Let me explain in a poem, entitled:"ODAT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME"
Matt Man had a monkey
He used to let me play
I used to pet this monkey
Every single day!
Matt Man gave up eating meat
He says its just for Lent
But why he sold his monkey
When he knew just what it meant???
So now, instead of petting Bongo Boy
And singing cheery songs
I'll be missing Matt's pet monkey
and singing forlorn mourns. ;-(
Gratitude List:
1) Being able to love
2) Being loved back
3) Deep breaths when one is stressed
4) Meeting deadlines
5) Having the time I did with the monkey


Just D said...

Awwww. I'm sorry Matt won't let you pet his monkey anymore.


Lizza said...

Ohhh, I feel your pain. Who knew Matt could be so cruel? ;-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

bad matt! bad! drat!! hey matt, let odat pet your monkey! (omg i simply cannot believe that i actually typed those words! here i am a 60 year old woman typing those words. i'm going to hell for sure. and it will be odat's fault god! i swear it was odat's fault!) (leaving with her head hung down mumbling to herself....)

smiles, bee

Pickled Olives said...

And you thought your funny bone was on vacation! That was adorable.

Matt-Man said...

I hope you can understand Odat. It was with heavy heart that I ditched the monkey. I know how much he meant to you. But the temptation to eat him during my meatlees journey for salvation would have been much too great. I will try to comfort you in my post later today. Cheers...

Lee said...

Oh that sandwich pic made me cringe! I've been having problems with my sense of humor too. I hope my life chills enough for me to find it again soon!

Odat said...

D, Thanks for your just don't know...;-(

Lizza, I know!!! Who would have thunk that about my so called "friend" Matt?

Bee...Looks like I have to give up petting the monkey for lent...geeze. But thanks for trying!

Only speaking the truth! **sigh**

I'm only half comforted...but thanks for the effort.

Lee...Yeah you will....sorry bout the

SGT DUB said...

When I feel I'm not funny anymore I just look in the mirror, but looks are everything. Great poem and I think the winter just put you into hibernation, looks like you're out of it now. Only 2 more hours till HDF for me!!

Roger said...

haha...hopefully Matt will bring back his monkey so u can play with it again soon (thats hilarious you guys made my day)

Jocelyn said...

That chicken sandwich picture totally cracked me up. Don't forget the mayo!

The CEO said...

My humor and mojo have taken a vaction with your humor. Please let me know when they come back.

thethinker said...

Great picture!

It's getting warm here, too. Like 70's warm. Then again, it's Texas.

Odat said...

Sgt Dub...You're a funny guy!!! and HDF early to you!

Roger, thanks so much for stopping by with your kind words...and yeah, the monkey better be back..or else...

Jocelyn, I thought the pic was funny too.....others may not feel that way...

CEO...I know you've been thru a lot lately but I'm glad to see you back...your mojo and laughter will return...iffin ya want them to that is....drop a line anytime ok? yeah, it's supposed to be warm down thar!

Michael C said...

Uh-oh, but I posted about monkeys today too. And I'm not talking about the Davey Jones type. Did something get our brains cosmically in synch? And I'm not talking about the Justin Timberlake type.

Oh wait, I guess not. I'd pass on the chicken sandwhich ;-)

Stewart Sternberg said...

As long as you're petting the monkey and not spanking it, you should be fine. I'm going away now.