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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10 Things I Like About Myself

HeartinSanFran tagged me for the "10 Things Meme" to list 10 things I like about myself.
Heart did her list with charm, intelligence, caring and humor that she usually portrays in her blogs. She's a terrific writer and I love reading her because she takes you right there when she does and is so "heart"felt. I thank her for enriching my life with her stories and wit.

In tagging me with this meme, she said about me.. "I love her sense of fun and her quirky charm which brightens the blogosphere for so many. " Wow...I do? I have absolutely no idea what I do here and my intent in doing it is just to have some fun, so her words mean an awful lot to me and I thank her for that.

So, here's a list of 10 things I like about myself:

1) My sense of humor and fun. It gets me through a lot and often gets me in trouble. But I'm at a point in my life that it doesn't matter! And that's a great feeling!

2) My curly hair. It's about time! I mean I've had it all my life and did everything I could to straighten it, but now, I've accepted it, (maybe cause I got it from Dad :-) I've grown it long and just love the way it looks.

3) My sense of fashion, althought I'm sure there are those who don't feel the same..hehe.
I like funky things, colorful things, big jewelry, wild shoes.... and altho I work in a very conservative office I still dress funky in spite of it. (I even got my first tatoo just last summer).

4) I've had the opportunity to be blessed with a Mom who did her best with my brother and I and I now have the opportunity to serve her in her last days here. She's has alzheimers and is in a nursing home now. But I go there every chance I get and sit with her and make her laugh and smile. I like that.

5) I've been independent most of my life.
My stubborness has gotten in the way of having people help me when I needed it though. I've always been one to learn how to do "things" in order not to ask for help. I like learning new things, however, there are times when help is needed and at this point in my life I don't hestitate to ask for help. ( Help me pllleeeaassseeeee!)

6) I'm a good cook. I love to cook, although I don't make so much time for it today. My dream is to someday have a great big kitchen in order to do this a lot more often. My Mom was a great cook and made meals that could feed an army. She was always giving away food to all the neighbors...I remember telling her that she made too much all the time. Guess who does the same thing today????? Know any armies that need a cook?

7) My accomplishments (way too many to list here, hehe). I worked hard to get where I am today, against all odds and in spite of myself.

8) My intuition. I have this uncanny ability to just know things. But sometimes I'm just afraid to follow it's path, unfortunately for me.

9) I don't have any regrets. I've always told people that if I had my life to live all over again, I'd do it exactly the way I've done it...I like myself today and I wouldn't be this way had I done things differently.

10) Seeing the world without "rose colored glasses". In the past, I used drugs and alchohol to block out reality. Now I use my sense of wonder and curiousity to bring it back......and it's a wonderful feeling.
Thank you Heart for allowing me to take a look/see into me again....I must do this every once in a while to take stock and to see just how far I've come, or not!

If you want to do this 10 Things You Like About Yourself, please do....I recommend it.



Hammer said...

All those things are great. It's refreshing to see positive posts like this.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Odat, I love your list, and I'm so happy that you did it.

Intuition is your best friend (after the curly hair, of course.) I probably wouldn't be here without mine.

And your biggest accomplishment is in being YOU.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

That was a lovely list. I particularly like NO: 10. "Now I use my sense of wonder and curiosity...."

ian said...

We like those things about you too. Great post - thank you for sharing!


Rachel said...

I love that picture! Is this your work?

Roger said...

Very nice list Odat!

Michael C said...

Odat, you are awesome! I'm so glad I can call you a friend!!

thethinker said...

I love your sense of humor, too!

Great list.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi odat. those are nice things. do you like to make cake odat? cause if you do you could send me some...

smiles, bee

Patti said...

Odat, what a great list. I love your sense of humor as well.
I feel comfortable here when I visit.

Ditto with me and curly hair ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Whats wrong with looking at the world through Wild Irish Rose Colored glasses!!?

Mike M said...

I like the tings you like about yourself!!

You, my dear ODAT, are a cheater! You're supposed to pick others to do it, not give it to everyone.

Sarge Charlie said...

I reckon you should stop by my place and see what happened to you.....

Odat said...

Hammer, Thanks so much!

Heart, you are just too much...and I thank you for that ;-)

lgs, yup, I'm always wondering..

Ian, that's sweet, thanks.

rachael, No, but I wish I could take credit for it!!

Rogerdodger...I like that you like my list ;-)

michael, i bet you're just saying that cause you forgot my questions this week...right?????

thinker, hiya, glad to see you're safe...and thanks!!

bee, I like to cook, but not much of a baker....but I may be able to get you cake from somewhere!

Patti, thanks, that's so sweet...
Curly hair too huh??? Cool!

Matt-man, obviously nothing, you do a fantastic job of it.

mike, Thanks!! Ok, I won't cheat...I tag YOU!!!!!

sarge, i'm coming over now...should I be scarred??


katherine. said...

well done...

it is a blessing to be good with who you are...

Sarge Charlie said...

I forgot to tell you to pass this on to two people of your choice.

Mike M said...

Dang you!!

M@ said...


I want to immediately write a post concerning the 10 Things that make ODAT suck! :)

lala said...

oh, i'm still learning to love the curly hair. AUGH.

one thing that bugs me about it is how long it takes to get ready in the morning. it takes AT LEAST 15 minutes to get all the gunk and hairspray evenly distributed and then diffuse it. i would give anything to be able to let it dry with NOTHING in it and let it air dry. but oh well.

someday i'll come to terms, right?

Sarge Charlie said...

I am going to be busy with Miss Bee tomorrow, I just posted your warm up.

Odat said...

katherine, thanks..and yes it is a blessing...most times..;-)

sarge, Yes sir!!! I'm going to post it tomorrow...

mike, hehe.

m@, suck what?

lala, yeah you'll just love it some day!

sarge, saw nut!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You know, I was so eager to get to the Good Part, your list, that I kind of tore through the first part of this post. I just re-read it, and you are much too kind.

Your site was one of the very first I found when I was new to bloggiing, and I'm still a huge fan.

Thank you again for all the glorious compliments, Odat, and for providing so many opportunities to spit coffee on my keyboard, laughing.

crazy working mom said... when are ya gonna cook for me? Heh heh heh

Great list. :)

Christine and FAZ said...

People who like themselves are fun to be around. Everyone should focus on their good points. FAZ