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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Spicy Coffee and 11 Layers

Who put the cayenne pepper right next to the cinnamon in the cabinet? That'd be me, unless my lil Snot dog grew hands and suddenly felt the urge to rearrange my spice cabinet, but I digress.
Woke up this morning, feeling fine (oh that's a song!) and sleepily worked my way into the kitchen to make myself a pot of coffee. I always sprinkle cinnamon into the grounds before I make it. I reached up into the cabinet and see it...then done....ahhhhh yes!

DAMN.......WTF! That was some spicy coffee!!!!


Patti Tagged me for the 11 Layer Meme......

Here's a look into my onion peeling......

LAYER 1 – On the Outside

Name: Kathleen
Birth Date: March 11
Current Status: Separated
Eye Color: Blue-green....they change depending on what I'm wearing.
Hair Color: Auburn

LAYER 2 – On the Inside

I am: Irish/German
My Fear: Being alone
My weaknesses: Shoes and chocolate!
My Perfect Pizza: A New York Pizza...plain just cheese and sauce (with a sprinkle of hot pepper).
LAYER 3 – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

My thoughts first waking up : Oh shit!! Already!!!
My bedtime : 10 p.m. or earlier (I get up really early!)
My most missed memory: Mom without Alzheimers

LAYER 4 - My Pick

Pepsi or coke : Diet Coke with Lime
Single or group dates : Single
Adidas or Nike : New Balance
Tea or Nestea : Nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla : French Vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee : Coffee w/ cream and sweetnlow


Do You…Smoke : Not anymore
Curse : Damn straight I do
Take a shower : yes, although I do take long baths when I have the time.
Have a crush : a few! ;-)
Think you’ve been in love : Of course I have
Go to school : Made it all the way thru graduate school !
Want to get married : Been there, done that
Believe in yourself : Of course I do....
Think you’re a health freak : only sometimes ;-)

LAYER 6 - In the Past

Drank alcohol: Plenty, but not anymore
Gone to the mall : Every week....It's just done the hill from me!
Been on stage : yes, in elementary school. Played one of the Seven Dwarfs...hahaha.
Eaten sushi : yes
Dyed your hair: only my hairdresser knows for sure!

LAYER 7 - Have You Ever:

Played a stripping game: Yes, Strip Poker
Changed who you were to fit in: No

LAYER 8 – Are You Hoping…

To Get married: Not really

LAYER 9 - In a Guy:

Best eye colour : Doesn't matter, as long as they speak to me! ;-)
Best hair colour : Again, it doesn't matter.
Short hair or long hair : Don't care.

LAYER 10 – What Were You Doing:

One minute ago: Starting this meme
One Hour ago : Eating pizza
Month ago: Working, playing...doing what I do....
Year ago : Pretty much the same thing.

LAYER 11 – Finish The Sentences:

I love : being on the ocean, near the ocean, in the ocean!
I feel : discontented
I hate : liver
I hide : how screwed up my life really is.
I miss : being content
I need : to get on with my life.



Meloncutter said...

Good Morning Miss Odat.

You didn't say nothing in your meme about having a hot yankee accent. LOL.

Just thought I would say good morning.

Later Y'all.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh melon so has the hots for you odat! i hope twinkie breath does not get wind of this! ha ha ha

good post odat and i don't want any of that hot coffee, okay? thanks odat.

and lala made a cake but i didn't get any of it cause she's letting matt take it with him. sigh...

smiles, bee

ian said...

Hmmm. Cayenne coffee. I love coffee. I love spicy foods. I've never considered mixing the two together. How was it (besides spicy)?

Thanks for sharing just a little bit about you! I like learning more about my bloggies.


Sarge Charlie said...

OK. so we screwed once or twice or more, what the heck.........

Now for the real question, which dwarf are you????????????

That sounds like a meme to me.

Patti said...

Odat, a.k.a. Kathleen, we could be twins!
I always put cinnamon into the coffee grounds...and my eyes are blue-green, and I'm mostly German and Irish.

Great job ~ it was fun getting to know you better.

Odat said...

Melon, Good Morning to you sweet of you! ;-)

bee, hiya,,, some day you'll get your cake!! poor bee!

sarge, I was Doc! the smart one!! lol...Hi Ho, Hi HO.

Patti that is wild! Thanks for the tag....was fun.


Roger said...

I was going to ask if you were sleepy ;D

crazy working mom said...

Great job on the meme. Spicy coffee, heh heh heh...

I like the new look.

Crankster said...

Cinnamon in the coffee, and New Balance Shoes...Odat, I'm so glad that you're in my life!

Odat said...

It woke me up is all I can say!
If I didn't put so much in it' would probably have just a lil bite to it. lol

Roger, And what if I weren't sleepy...then what would you say? HUH? lol

cwm, lol thanks!

crankster....good to see you...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I really liked reading this. I didn't even know your first name, but have wondered for the year I've been blogging what "Odat" means.

We all hide how screwed up our lives are, only some of us do it better.

CS said...

Maybe you can call it South American coffee and start a trend?

I liked this meme, and learned some things baout you I'd not have guessed.

katherine. said...

My oldest and I have blue/green eyes that change based on the lighting...and what we are wearing...and rumur has it how angry we are....laughing.