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Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monkey Monday!

Happy Monkey Monday! (Not!)
(not saying anything else...hehehe)
(I mean that's his toe, right?, and his third hand?????)



Matt-Man said...

I bet he is all the buzz with lady monkeys. Cheers!!

Matt said...

He's wackin' it!

I go to the zoo a lot but I have yet to see monkeys masturbating. Someday....

Loving Annie said...

Hmmmmmm. A cross-legged Monkey with tired eyes...

Hope you have a great Monday, Odat !

Mimi Lenox said...

Yes, I'm sure that's a toe.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

odat that is a TOE!!! a TOE!!! a TOW!!!

smiles, bee

Matt said...

In undergrad. biology, we learned that humans have--by far--the largest penises among primates.

We were like, Is this going to be on the test?

Odat said...

Matt-mann, I guess, with three hands!!!

Matt, I still think it's his toe..ahahaha.

Annie, that so describes someone i know!!

Mimi, hi! and thanks for agreeing with me!

bee, I know, I know, I know it's a toe!

Matt, was it a show and tell test??? Hehe...What was your score??? Hmmm??? :-)

Hammer said...

That's my uncle!

Michael C said...

Now I can officially say I have been flipped off by another species!

Meloncutter said...

I am just speechless!

Later Y'all

Odat said...

Hammer, Is that why you don't show your face??? Haha.

Michael, I suppose it had to happen one day!

Melon, Speechless??? That's incredible.


My heart runneth over... said...

how i love this photo!

i wish i could say the same about the snake in the other photo but i can't... im afraid of them... so afraid i have to comment here! yuck!

nice shoes though!

all the very best!

Meloncutter said...

Yes. I am speechless. It looks just like my high school yearbook photo.

Later Y'all