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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ut oh!

I've been slacking in my exercise routine. That's why I thought it would be a great idea to mow the lawns and cut the hedges myself this weekend. I'd work up a good sweat and loose some of those cheeseburger and hotdog pounds I may have put on and into my body.

I'd known about one spot in the hedges that produced a poison ivy like plant last year. I killed it dead (last year). So not seeing it wedged in the hedge line I proceeded to pull out all kinds of weed like vines sticking out before tackling the vroom vroom of the electric hedge cutter. (yeah I know how to use it without cutting the cord).
Ok.....I did it...both lawns and the hedge.....nice!!! A lil sweaty but a good sweat. At least that was out of the way and I felt like I'd made up for at least three days of exercise.

Fast forward to the next day.
Ok so I got bit by some bugs on my arm. That's why I'm itching. No problem.

Later that day.
Damn if that doesn't look like poisen ivy spreading up my arm!!!

Still later....
How the hell did I get it on my butt check??????????????????

Calamine lotion, cortisone cream........keeping it cool. Letting it get air? What am I supposed to do???? (maybe I'll just go to a nude beach). ;-)

(p.s. Monday I said the hell with the work around the house and made it to the beach!)
(I took that pic at the beach with my special effects mode on my camera phone.)



Michael C said...

Sorry 'bout the ivy. Now I can say I've seen an NY beach. Thanks!

My Reflecting Pool said...

I can say I've never had poison ivy and I've been to a couple NY beaches when I was young. I'm sorry you are very itchy. I hope it doesn't spread.

Matt-Man said...

I pull poison ivy out for folks. I am not allergic to it. It's my one and only talent. Cheers!!

CS said...

Ooh, that bites. I only ever get tiny bits of poison ivy - one or two itty bitty bumps maybe. I'm semi-immune.

Odat said...

michael, Thanks! I'm sorry too!

Pool, Yeah I'm hoping too!

Matt-man...Come pull mine! ;-)

cs, I thought once you got it, you become immuned...I guess not!


The CEO said...

Sorry to hear about the poison ivy. I once got it all over my head when a neighbor was burning it, and the smoke got all over my face and head. It was terrible. I hope it passes soon.

Odat said...

Ceo, Well, it's Tuesday and I'm still itching!!! But thanks for your well wishes...

Loving Annie said...

Oh Odat, so sorry about the poison ivy !!! No fun, hope the calamine lotion and cortisone cream do the trick, quickly !

Thank goodness that the hedges won't need to be trimmed again for quite some time !

How was the beach ? Did your suit cover up your butt cheek ???

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

we have lots of poison ivy odat. it climbs up the trees and it is beautiful but sarge is so allergic to it. they give him steroids when he gets it. it turns bright red i the fall. we also have poison oak and poison sumac here. and spiders. now why am i here again? remind me. ah podunk.

smiles, bee

My heart runneth over... said...

So sorry about the itching! Oatmeal baths! Calamity Jane has suffered from the ivy many times...


All the best ways to get at that itch!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Oh poison ivy...I've been lucky enough not to have a run in with it. *knock wood*

Didn't make it to the beach though, too busy working. Two of my siblings made it down there at various points of the weekend. Lucky them.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I am sooo sorry. I get PI and its cousins, poisons oak and sumac, worse than anyone. It gets into every body cavity, and I can't keep my claws off it. I run rivers of blood for weeks as it keeps reinfecting itself.

Cortisone injections help dry it up faster. Anything you can get over the counter is useless. The Cape Cod Indians used a poultice made of jewelweed, but I've tried it and even that didn't give me relief.

Salt water sometimes helps dryit up, too.

Sending virtual (non-touching) hugs and lots of sympathy, Odat.