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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Snakes and Cactus...Bad, Bad, Bad

This is a true story.

I know a person named "Bad". That's Bad in a good way, by the way. Not only is she bad, but she's a lil crazy. That's crazy in a good way. She just moved to Arizona. She likes the heat...
so she says (more power to her for that!). Her front yard is filled with cacti and other dessert thingys. The wildlife abounds. Lizards and snakes and cacti, oh my. Seems like trouble always seems to find her too. See that cactus picture...she managed to back into it one day. I think she thought it was a chair.....was picking out those lil pricks from her ass for months. Then, just the other day...a rattle snake was in her garage.......and she done up and killed the thing!!!! Yup, that's the pic of the snake....sorry PETA, but I've ordered my shoes long as she dyes them purple!!!!

So we'll see what future trouble finds her....and when I get the pics, you'll be the first to know!



Matt-Man said...

I dig both. Cheers!!

Jenn said...

holy cow! That's a big snake!

Michael C said...

My brother lives in AZ and deals with that stuff all the time. Of course, he has a shotgun, so I guess that makes him qualified.

Hammer said...

I saw a gila monster last time I was in AZ it was inches away from eating a poodle.

When can I order my rattler boots? ;)

Anonymous said...

What a gal! She sounds like a friend of mine in Texas. I'd like to put in my shoe order now thanks.

Danielle said...

I am barely dealing with the heat of Las Vegas, parts of Arizona are hotter than we are. I KNOW I could have never killed that snake.

Bad is Bad ASS for sure.

As always wishing you well, sweets.

Kiyotoe said...

wow...nothing hotter than a sweaty woman peeling the skin off a dead rattlesnake! whew!

by the way, how'd she kill it?

Loving Annie said...

I always find it fascinating how some of us gravitate towards hot climates and others to cool....

Enjoy the pretty high heeled shoes !

Odat said...

Matt-mann...both what????

michael, so after he shoots the snake with a shotgun, i would imagine there's not much left to make shoes or a belt..huh?

hammer, LOL..that must have been a sight!! Oh you'll have to wait til the next snake for your boots...I'm getting my shoes first!

pool, maybe we can get two pair of sexy sandals...i'll find out! hehe

danielle, I just don't know how you deal with that heat!

I think she caught it in a sling and then cut it's head off!!!

How true. I mean I'd rather be in a place with all four seasons.


The CEO said...

I don't do rattlesnakes. I'm staying where I am, thankyouverymuch.

ian said...

I don't think Woozie reads your blog, so I'll post the obligatory comment:

"Somebody get these motherfucking snakes out of my motherfucking garage!"


Lizza said...

Bad lives in a place where the snakes are poisonous? Wow. But that snakeskin would make for some nice shoes, I agree.

The monkey pic below keeps distracting me, Odat! At first I thought the thingy at the bottom part of the pic was his toe.

Odat said...

oeo, I'm with you!

ian, that's too funny, thanks for passing that on!

lizza, That IS his toe..hehe..right???


Crankster said...

I am seriously, seriously impressed. What did she kill the snake with?