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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Prize Time

Picture this from your room right on the water!

The panel of experts has finally given me the results of the contest!!! You're going to love it! Drum roll please....... (for those who do not know what I'm talking about go to Tuesday's post).
TA DA!! (a virtual one that is!)

You know me, I try to keep everyone happy.

We'll all have great views of the ocean! The women will, of course, have their own private cabana boys, and the men too can have their own cabana "girls". I'm coming along too, because you all know how I feel about Tahiti. And we're all going to have our own private hot tubs looking out over the ocean. I'm not sure if Matt-Man can come tho...I don't thing he tried hard enough to guess, but I understand he's busy with "tying up loose ends" (don't know whose) this week, I just may give him a break(since he lets me play with his monkey). Bee certainly can come along because a) there'll be chocolate in Tahiti and b) No birds scare people there. Special mention goes to Deb for her "uncool Spiderman underroos" interpretation (I really think she's into underroos! ;-d ) and to Reflecting Pool for her "...urbanization of the rural areas through suberbia, militarily......." comment. ( I bet that gave her a headache thinking up that one!) because Micheal's mind exploded after his very eloquent thoughts that the video had something to do with the Beatles' Yellow Submarine (then how come it was in black and white?) or Monty Python! Sarge just thought it (he calls them as he see them, I guess from his military training)...Jenn thought it may have to do with a nursery rhyme (if it did, I never heard of it, so therefore it doesn't exist ;-). Claudia thought it was cool, (that's probably because she is). Danielle just smiled...(she does that a lot). Poor CEO couldnt see it. (send good vibes over to him, get well wishes too). I believe Sobriquet got pretty close to the real meaning: "....a diddly ah dah da dah". And 'C' who thinks it's a "snooze button's" revenge. (good one too).

So there you have it. Let's get hopping to Tahiti!

I'll get back to commenting on those blogs I read regularly tomorrow...I've been running around like crazy the past two days...haven't sat still for five minutes...


Paul said...

Beautifull view !

Matt-Man said...

Thanks for giving me a break odat. I will be back to new and original posts tomorrow and Monday or perhaps before that I'll let ya in on the "Looose Ends". Cheers!!

P.S. My monkey says thanks!!

Michael C said...

Woo Hoo! I don't have to wear socks, do I?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well my suitcase is already packed. chocolate? oboy oboy oboy!!! hot diggity dang odat, this is wonderful!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Oooohh I just love the idea of Tahiti!!!! Since it's virtual, i'll pack the virtual bikini that I look virtually smashing in!!! We'll have a great time.

Matt said...

Wasn't today Monkey Thursday or something?


C said...

He let's you play with his monkey eh? Sounds kinky.