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Monday, November 13, 2006


How many times and how many ways can I say that I hate Mondays!....AAGGRRHHHHH!!!

Ok I got that out of the way. Now, after spending the weekend with the worst posssible sinus headache and pressure that anyone in the whole wide world could not even come close to having,
here I am, getting ready for work...and it's MONDAY! aarrgghh!

I'm not kidding about that headache. Was so bad that banging my head with a hammer felt better than the ache. Did you ever see that commercial where the people blow their noses and their heads blow up like balloons? Well my head felt like it was going to explode and if it did it would have been quite similiar to the Big Bang and probably create it's own little galaxy, is how bad it was. I took everything under the sun to get rid of it....then took a hot steaming shower for the humidity, then stood over a boiling kettle with my handy Vicks and breathed in the vapors. Drank plenty of water, took a nap, ate something, didn't eat anything...drank some coffee, had some tea....well you get the picture.
And, by the way, the headache had nothing to do with what that picture is all about...hehe.
Just thought it was a great pic!

I get this way every's the mold spores or something from all the dead leaves lying around.
Even though I love the fall, I'm afraid the Fall doesn't like me. This is when I start wishing for the really cold weather so as to kill off all those damn spores and stuff. And then when the cold arrives and the snow comes with it, I'll have something else to complain (and blog) about. Oh it's a never ending cycle! Helpppppppppppp!

Oh by the way, HAPPY MONDAY! ;-)



ShadowFalcon said...

Hey Odat, monday is indeed hellish, sorry about your head, hope you start to feel better.

p.s love the pic

Bikerbabenj said...

hmmm ya didn't ask me.. (the naturalist authority) Health Food Store.. called "Sinus Relief" company that puts it out is called "Natra Bio". It works! Have I ever misinformed you before??? You'll feel better within 4 hours! Let me know how you make out.

Pickled Olives said...

Happy Monday Odat! I get to start my week off with a conference w/ my daughters teacher that my daughter called. This is gonna be good.

Matt-Man said...

Oh How I feel your pain. My head has been plugged for nearly a week!!

mist1 said...

What's wrong with Mondays?

I limit my internet time during the weekends, so I'm haapy to feed my addiction again on Monday.

Michael C said...

Ummmmm, well, uh, gee, let's see, ok, I'll just say it: Happy Monday...Hope you feel better.

I guess becoming sinus-sick because of scores of spores really sucks!

Lizza said...

Oh, those spores suck. So does your headache. I hope you feel a lot better soon--like this week.

Crankster said...

Two words: Hot Toddy.

They almost make being sick fun.

Claudia said...

Oh you poor thing. I know the feeling. I'm thinking of eventually escaping to the Caribbean!!

Odat said...

Thanks for all your well wishes...and I am feeling better now that MONDAY (at work) is over!

Biker, I tried that stuff...and I DO FEEL BETTER! Thanks again!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Feel better still. We don't want you too sick to blog.

We're spending today cleaning black mold off every exterior wall in our apartment with TSP and Clorox. Oh, what fun. My head hurts, too, and my nose and throat. This is nasty stuff, but so is mold.

Happy Monday my ass.

Dan said...

I just surfed in from somewhere or other and read about your weekend woes. Man, it sure sucked to be you this weekend! ;)

Did you notice that dogs and cats don't ever get colds? I could be the most slobbering, sneezing disgusting idiot when I have a cold, and my little kit will come and lie right on my chest, her nose inches away from mine ... and she escapes unscathed.

I want to be a cat.

MyHeartHurts said...

so sorry your not feeling well... ((HUGS))...allergies suck! ~M