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Monday, November 27, 2006


As Friday was "extra special " Happy Dance Friday, Monday is DOUBLE AARRGGHH, due to the fact that it's the first day back from a four day weekend. I hope y'all had a terrific Thanksgiving.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us I look so forward to traveling to work because Christmas is coming and everyone (well a lot of people) will be traveling into NYC to see the tree at Rockerfeller Plaza, which is all find and dandy. I love seeing the tree too. However, when you interfere with my commute, LOOK OUT! I have enough to do getting to work on a normal day, I don't need 20 million more people to shove, push, walk around, walk over, curse at, hit with my briefcase, etc.

I'm not saying I don't have the "holiday" spirit or anything, because I do. I love the holidays. I love listening to the carols playing, I love all the lighted houses, and the decorations in all the department stores on Fifth Avenue, the sales, Santa, reindeer, mistletoe, presents, wishing all a happy holiday, n'shit. BUT DON'T MESS WITH MY COMMUTE ok???

(I'm really a very nice person, if ya get to know me...hehehe).

And that's all I have to day about that!


Matt-Man said...

You'd make a great addition to the NYC Visitor's Bureau!!

Skittles said...

laughing at what matt-man said...

We live south of Detroit and avoid going there as much as possible. Traffic.. BLECH!

Michael C said...

You know, now I think maybe I'll reschedule next week's trip to NYC to see Rockefeller Plaza until January ;-)

They'll still have the tree up then, right? LOL

Claudia said...

lol...i don't blame you!!

The CEO said...

Please post your commute times and either subways or buses and I guarantee I will NOT be on those modes of transportation or on the streets in your way at those times. This I do for you specifically. Call it Professional Courtesy from someone in Washington, DC to someone in New York City, or just make it personal.

MyHeartHurts said...

What she said! lol We must work pretty clsoe to eachother Odat. Im right near all that craziness too!


Here's to easier commutes!

mist1 said...

My commute this morning sucked. I tripped over the cat. He cut me off on my one lane stairs.

Odat said...

Matt, thanks for your vote of confidence friend!

skittles, yeah i would avoid it too if i could.

michael, aww please come to NYC! I wanna hit ya with my briefcase!

That is really, really nice of you to do that! thanks! (I'm thinking you don't want to get hit with my briefcase, lol)

My, ya know, we should do lunch some day, email me...ok?

Mist, if i were you I'd get the highway guys to come in and make that a double lane stairway! geeze, that really sucks.


brat said...

its just a FUCKING TREEE people........dont act like you've never seen one before......get out of my city and go home !!!!!!!!!!!

brat said...

disclaimer.......that was a general remark........not specifically directed at all you fine people here as odat's guests

Crankster said...

Deck the tourists with boughs of holly?

ShadowFalcon said...

Note to people do not go to New York or London during the x-mas season local may become feral.

-Odat I know exactly what you mean. If one more idoit stops me sitting on the bus cos of thier 20 Selfridges bags I'm going to scream.

Lizza said...

Hahaha! That's what you get for living in a city that's so popular n'shit. :-)

Hope you're having a great week and an easy commute.