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Friday, November 03, 2006

M word(s)

I bet you thought I forgot about my words....didn't you????? I haven't! Here's my "M" word(s) with a little twist. Instead of making up a story or providing their definitions the following represents what they mean if you dream about them. And coincidently, I just happened to have a dream that contained all these words!!! How weird is that? Here's my dream...please don't was only a dream ;-)

I was driving on a long road and saw a macaroni and cheese stand in the distance. I pulled into the driveway of the place when, all of a sudden, a rabid dog jumped up onto my car trying to bite it's way into my window! I reached over and pulled my mace can out of the slot machine I always carry with me and sprayed this mad dog as if I were a raving lunatic, then I threw the can at him and killed it. I finally managed to free myself from the dog situation and get in to purchase my mac and cheese. I sat down at the counter, relaxing a bit, reading my Cosmo magazine and realize that there's a piece of macaroni that bears a striking resemblence to the Virgin Mary! Oh my! But as I dig deeper into the bowl, I realize it's really filled with maggots!

Oh and by the way, the mac and cheese stand was owned by the mafia).

Help me interpret my dream please.......

To see or travel on a macadamized road in your dream , denotes a pleasant journey that will prove beneficial and profitable.

To dream that you are eating macaroni, denotes small losses. To see macaroni in large quantities, signifies that need for you to be frugal, economize, and save money.

To see or use mace in your dream, represents your quest for objectivity over subjectivity. You do not let your emotions rule your actions.

To see machinery in your dream, suggests that you are going about your way without much thought. You are making decisions without thinking it through. You need to get out of your boring pattern. Alternatively, it indicates that your self-image or a relationship may be in need of repair.

Mad Dog
To see a mad dog in your dream, denotes that you and your friends will be the verbally assaulted by your lowly rivals..
To dream that you kill a mad dog, signifies that you will overcome the adverse opinions of others and rise to prosperity.

To dream that you are diagnosed with madness or that you are mad, forewarns of trouble, loss, and overwhelming grief. You may have been behaving in an inappropriate way in your waking life.
To see others suffering from madness, signifies a gloomy end to hopeful prospects.

To see the Madonna in your dream, symbolizes the mystical mother and the giver of life and beauty. It also signifies blessings.

To dream that you are a member of a mafia, suggests that you are allowing others to manipulate you. Or you are using your power against others.
To dream that you come in contact with the mafia, indicates that you are experiencing some inner conflict and turmoil.

To read a magazine in your dream, indicates that you are opened to various new ideas. Consider also the theme and name of the magazine and its symbolism.

To see maggots in your dream, represents your anxieties about death. It may also be indicative of some issue or problem that you have been rejecting and it is now "eating away" at you . You need to confront it for it is destroying your sense of harmony and balance.
In particular, to dream that you are stepping on maggots, indicates guilt and impurity. You are trying to repress your immoral thoughts or behavior . On a positive note, it may symbolize your resilience, persistence, and your ability to bounce back from adversity.



Lizza said...

Now that is such a manic dream. Once my brain comes back from a hiatus, I'll start thinking about how to stitch all those interpretations together.

Meloncutter said...

I find it marginally magnificent that the menacingly malevolent manipulations of your middle mind might misinterpret meanings in your morning musings of midnight dreams. Get some help.


Later Y'all

Odat said...

Lizza, yes, please help...(which is something I need according to Melon)

I'm muchly muzzled now by your myriad of mumblings! :-{

mist1 said...

Please, warn me when you write about maggots. I'm always a little queasy in the mornings.

Lee said...

Well, I think the dream was about unresolved guilt over having neglected the letter M for so long...but then I'm an ex-Catholic. Everything's about unresolved guilt! ;)

Michael C said...

HMMMMM? Maybe much M & Ms were masticated making macaroni dreams materialize? Just a thought....

I like the negative definition of maggot relating to death that ends with 'on a positive note.' ;-)

Odat said...

Munching M&Ms mostly manifests merry meanderings to the Milky Way...(not macaroni)...;-)

Matt-Man said...

One possibility is that you are searching for success in order to free yourself from the shackles of those who manipuate you, and who leave you with a sense of small losses...My dear odat you are eating the maggots because maggots become flies...Grow your wings and set out to find your glory...

One other possibility is that you are simply and undenialbly, bat-shit crazy...


Claudia said...

Whoa....I think you are reliving some childhood angst about mac n!!

Pickled Olives said...

the only ting you are afraid of are wild dogs, hence macing them. Since using your mace, you were just checking to make sure you'd keep a cool head in a scary situation, and ackowlegsse how smart you are for havng mace in the first place!

You like the idea of mac & chesse, but not from an untrustworthy source, and you feel you need to deal with something religious, hence the virgin. Also all the m words were thrown in to grab your attention!

Bikerbabenj said...

I think you're just a nut case. This just confirmed it.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Macaroni and cheese DOES look like maggots. Maybe it should be called Mag and cheese.

Crankster said...

Between the "M"s and the dancing hamsters, I think my brain is about to explode. Ugh.

the Laughorist said...

Mac and cheese stands? In NYC? I'm stunned. Minneapolis maybe (M words), but not Manhattan surely. And dreaming of the Mafia means you will wake up with a horse's head in bed.