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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Wrong costume.

Trick or treat!!!!

Just leave the candy in the little bag over there......and take a bag of pretzels.....muahhahahahaha.



buffalodickdy said...

I don'teven have to wear the fire hydrant costume for that to happen....(Loved that cartoon!).

Anonymous said...

hehehe. you may have just cured me from ever eating another candy corn. My butt thanks you.

Happy Halloween!

Patti said...

A friend's beagle puppy peed on my foot once at work. That's what this reminded me of. hahahahahaha

Love the multi-colored roses over there ->
Very cool.

Happy Halloween!

Roger said...

Have a great Halloween Odat!

Claudia said...

I knew there was something just so wroooong about candy corn.

Mike M said...

This is what Halloween is all about!! Tricks!!

BikerbabeNJ said...

so do ya think I'm mean for giving pennies I save all year for the lil kids???? (they don't need candy, right)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Yep, gonna pass on the candy corn, too! I'll be thanking you next Tuesday when I weigh in!!!!

Love the cartoons!

Odat said...

buffalo, lol....really?

pool, i always had an aversion to candy corn, now I know why!!!

Patti, Don't tell me it was Snoopy!
(and thanks about the flowers)

Roger, BOO to you too! ;-)

Claudia, uh huh, and now we all know why!!! hehe.

mike m, said by a true trickster!

biker, no I think money is fine...if they don't like it just expect an egging!!! hehe.

Real, Way to go!!!


Open Grove Claudia said...

I love candy corn. So I fed it to the dog yesterday? She loved it until she threw up. That's candy corn for you.

eyechan said...

disgusting and funny. Happy Halloween!

lala said...

hahaha... candy corn is gross anyway. although i wish i wasn't eating mac and cheese while looking at that pic, lol. =)

Hammer said...

Yeah I think a fire hydrant wouldn't be a good idea lol

katherine. said...

laughing...candy corns......

Meloncutter. said...

My Daddy told me as a youngen that Iffin I has sex with a punkin ever day during the month of october, at midnight on halloween the punkin would turn into a beautiful princess.

45 years and it still aint worked.

You are wise and smart. Am I doing it wrong?

Trick or treat.

Later Y'all.

The CEO said...

LOL, I love it, thank you. Happy Halloween!


Michael C said...

Ha and crap! I love candy corn. In fact, Tuesday was National Candy Corn Day. I have no idea why, but I ate 2 bags in commemoration!!

Happy Halloween!!

Patti said... was Snoopy's younger brother (housemate) Scrappy. Seriously

Hanni said...

The candy corn comic is my all-time favorite.