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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Morning Blues

It is October isn't is? I do live in the northeast, don't I?
Then why the heck has it been almost 90 degrees here all week? I'm not going to the beach this weekend. I want it to be fall. I want to wear my fall clothes! I'm tired of summer ones. I put them all away! I'm tired of A/C. Woe is me! Ok..that's all for today...I have to go take a shower cause I'm sweating so much!


Sarge Charlie said...

Oh wo is me
What do you see
Odat is too hot
And so is her little dog snot

It won’t cool down
It makes her frown
Damn this town
It won’t cool down

Her summer cloths are now boring
And Miss Odat keeps on snoring.

Matt-Man said...

Same here Odat, we are going to hit 90 thru Monday. Happy Saturday.

ian said...

Well, at least we know it ain't global warming, because El Presidente tells us so.

It's probably the turrorists' fault. Better send more troops and another seventy bazillion dollars to Iraq so we can make the world safe for oil. I mean democracy.

Damn, I'm pretty cynical for a Saturday!


Sarge Charlie said...


Odat said...

Sarge is a poet?
Does he know it?
lol....very good.

matt-man, we'll sweat together then ;-)

Ian, all i'm saying is it's hot!

Sarge, No way, Jose!


Christy said...

I feel your pain it has been hot and humid here as well. It stinks!

buffalodickdy said...

W.Mich is high 80s and humid! The word is more of this for a few more days....

crazy working mom said...

Hubs went deer hunting today in 90° temps!

The CEO said...

I woke up breathing.

Company left successfully.

All is well, and there's still chocolate on the planet.

I'm a little cranky and I need a nap.

Thank you Odat.


Patti said...

we went to a "Harvest Festival" on Main Street yesterday and got sunburned - it was 82 degrees and humid.
Ick. I want fall too.

Happy Sunday, Odat. Maybe today will be cooler.

Paul said...

Odat boogie with me and feel better ! :-)

lala said...

dude i totally feel your pain! If summer is going to end, I would like for it to end decisively!!

Claudia said...

you are killing me with the fluffy kitty! I'm officially ded. yep, ded d-e-d...
in a month or two, I'm going to refer you back to this post when it's so cold you don't want to leave the house!! :)

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