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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A slow walk on a dimly lit street

Sorry, repost...but one so worth Enjoy!

I'm walking down a dimly lit street. Only one street lamp adds a glimmer of light. Once focussed my eyes see where I'm going. People appear as shadows, sometimes alarming me! I walk slowly, deliberately, stopping every few feet, waiting, sometimes for s few seconds, sometimes a few minutes. I am very patient. No need to hurry. I carry a bag with me as I move along. I'm going to need it. I move along now. Down to the corner and turn. I feel safer here. There's more light. More traffic. More noise. More green grass for lil feet to run through. And then, it happens!!!!! I bend over with the bag in my hand and scoop up the poop. ;-)



Just D said...


mist1 said...

This reminds me of my dad. I call him, "Chief Walks With Sh*t."

Michael C said...

I liked that a lot. That was great! Do you think dogs get satisfaction knowing we have to publicly carry a bag and clean up after them? I think my dog Mabel truly does ;-)

As always, great artwork, too.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Bless you. I did a post awhile back about people who DON'T pick up after their dogs. Bless you again.

Odat said...

Mist, your poor father! lol

michael, you have a dog named Mabel??????????????????? ;-0

heart, yeah people are pretty good here about picking up after their dogs....

Meloncutter said...

(singing to the tune of BINGO)
I had a dog that liked to crap and poopy was his name.... P, O, O ,PY, P, O, O, PY P, O, O, PY, and poopy was his name.

Great post.

Later Yall.

C said...

The build up - poop piles (files) mystery.