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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just Another Day :-)

Today was one of those ho-hum days. I suppose some people would refer to them as "normal". You know, those days where errands get run, laundry gets washed, meals get cooked for the week, rugs get vacuumed, lawns get mowed, leaves get raked, etc. etc. etc. As I sit here and ponder what to blog about I come up with a blank....Nothing struck me particularly funny today and as you know, I do like to laugh....not even when I dropped the jar of tomato sauce at the grocery store and it splattered up over my beige pants and everyone thought i fell through a glass window or something and was bleeding to death.....and had to finish my shopping looking as if I just encountered an ax murderer.....(oh well those pants needed to be washed anyway)~~~

Hope your day was better.......



heartinsanfrancisco said...

Well hell, why didn't you fall down screaming and maybe you would have gotten a ride in an ambulance With-The-Siren-On? Whooooooo!!

At least until they realized that blood doesn't smell like tomatoes.

Anyway, I'm glad you didn't really meet up with an ax murderer. I would miss you.

MyHeartHurts said...

Simplicity in life is what makes it all worthwhile! ~M

Until the funny moments happen when we drop tomatoe sauce and splash it all over our beige pants... this is what keeps us !


Michael C said...

I thought the tomato pants thing was funny. And I sure appreciate you sharing it with us because it could be considered by some to be embarassing, but not to me. I find it funny.

I would have clutched my fake tomato stained wounds and started yelling "they got me" as I slowly slumped to the floor...but then I'd be asked to leave.

Hope your Sunday is nice and enjoyable!

mist1 said...

You wash your pants?



Clean up on aisle four, clean up on aisle four. :)