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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Here's the "C" word: (ha ha).......

Clepsydra - A water clock (at least 15th century BC, probably earlier)

The drip-drop of a clepsydra was an ancient precursor of the tick-tock of modern clocks.
Without going into all the detail of the machinations of this gadget because I'm doing this to have fun, not get a headache, apparently it was not used to tell time in terms of the earth's rotation. It could only measure pre-determined periods such as the time alloted for a speech in court.

Wow, so does this mean if I drink water all day at work, I'll run out of time? And, hell, if you start measuring my talking in drip drops...there may not be enough water for all of us!
Looks like a lose, lose situation......drip by drip, drop by drop.

"Like drops through a clepsydra, so are the drips of our lives"



ShadowFalcon said...

I want one!!!!

Oh btw I like the new colour scheme.

brat said...

i thought you were going to use "CHRIS" as your "C" word and decribe what a cool person I am...............ha

Meloncutter said...

Don't worry, a few shots of antibiotics and the steady drip, drip, drip of your clapsydra will clear up in no time.


Later Yall.....

mist1 said...

The sound of that clock dripping might push me over my edge.

Odat said...

Hey Shadow, I'm sure this will fit in your Mom's kitchen!

Brat, I hear that "Chris" will be in the next edition of Merriam Webster's Dictionary...I'll point to it then!

Danm, I was hoping for a cure!!!

mist...I'll mute it for ya.

Michael C said...

I'd hate to think how clepsydra alarm clocks worked. When it was time to get up, did they spray jets of water all over the bed? That might actually be worse than waking up to the alarm clock when the radio station is playing I Got You Babe!!!!

Odat said...

Well, I do like showers in the morning but I prefer them in the bathtub, not the bed!

C said...

This is all very drippy. Ancient Chinese torture sounds more fun than dripping water.

MyHeartHurts said...

I love feeling smarter.. now if only I could pronounce that!

Clepsydra sounds like pepcida?

lol* ok maybe not so smart! ~M