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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And The Survey Says........

I stayed up all night crunching numbers to determine the results of yesterday's survey. The results are in: (drum roll please).........

Six (6 )out of eight(8) would prefer to visit Paris over Graceland! Ta da! One (1) for Graceland, and one (1) noncommittal.

(By the way, there is absolutely no logic in asking y'all to participate in this survey. It came about as a result of some comments I saw on another blog. and besides, I love nonsense!)

Oh, I myself, prefer Paris. Its one of the many world cities I have yet to visit. I hear it has great cafes, shopping, museums, all of which I can get in NYC, but somehow doing it in Paris seems much more romantic .......I think that no matter what one does in Paris it'll be romantic (even stepping in the dog poop i hear is all over the streets)...So much history too. Les Miserables is even my favorite play.
I Love Paris in the Springtime.... April in Paris......Moonlight Over Paris....Last Mango in Paris.

As a result of your participation in this survey you are hereby awarded ODAT's Happy Dance Friday coupon award. You can hang it on your wall. It's very pretty..not to mention framed and matted in your chose of colors. Very nice. Once you collect ten Odats, you're entitled to one moment of Happy Dance Friday any day of the week! Nice huh? and the person who chose Graceland gets the booby prize...... ;-)

Ok commit me now.........I think I need help.


mist1 said...

I have some problems with your research methodology. Where was the control group? What's the margin of error? And most importantly, were the other subjects compensated for participation? Because, I want to be compensated.

Michael C said...

I don't get a happy dance coupon? But I really do want to go to Graceland one day. What if I switch houses and say the International House of Pancakes?

Very funny post today by the way, even though I've been ostracized. Which reminds me, I gotta go stick my head in the sand.

Odat said...

control group??? margin of error?? conpensation????? HUH?????

Allllrighttt....I'll give ya a happy dance coupon, just for the hell of can come out of the sand

Michael C said...

Aw thanks. I'll use my coupon on Funday!!

Unknown said...

Dang it. I was holding out to get the booby prize. I like boobies!!!

(Big Grin)

Later Yall

Odat said...

you can now have michael's booby prize..Enjoy! ...(geeze...can't please anyone today!)

Maria said...

Thank goodness... I chose Paris!

First time for everything... usually it's me collecting the booby prize! *lol*

You never need to ask... I am humbled that you liked my poem and picture so much you want to hang it up!

Au revoir! See you in Paris!

Thanks for my coupon too!~M

Parlancheq said...

Uh-oh, I missed the whole survey! Obviously the time has come when I need to quit my job to blog surf full-time.

BikerbabeNJ said...

I just hit it today as well... I, too, was not counted in on the survey... however, I still feel seedy bars should've been given as a 3rd choice... would've been MUCH EASIER to choose! :-p