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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'll Take Tahiti

Ahhhh, breathing a "so glad it's Saturday sigh"! It's raining here tho......and I'm sitting here dreaming that I'd rather be in Tahiti......As much as I said I love the Fall, and I do, really....I also need a vacation.....a real where I can just lay on the beach all day. That's it! Is that asking for too much.....(but it's gotta be in Tahiti!)



Lee said...

Never been to Tahiti...but sure looks nice in the pic! Thanks for visiting!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Now you're talking. I have wanted to go there since I saw my first Gauguin (Femmes aux Mangoes) at the Met as a child. There wasn't much literature about Tahiti, so I read Margaret Mead compulsively and studied an English-Samoan dictionary. At least I've made it to the West coast now. It's closer.

My daughter has been to Tahiti and Moorea twice, so I got to enjoy it vicariously, which was also lovely.

Michael C said...

Put in some Jimmy Buffett, the sweet scent of coconut and even a dark closet can become Thaiti...umm, not that I'd really know, I'm just guessing...

Michael C said...

I just thought of they belly dance in Thahiti??

MyHeartHurts said...


Odat said...

I love Gauguiin's Tahitian landscapes! Samoan huh? The only Samoan I know is when I see Oreo cookies and say "I want samoa"!
(sorry about that). At least you're closer to Tahiti! Could ya at least wave to it for me? And I'll eat a slice of NYC pizza for you? ;-)

The closet????????? I don't think so! lol
Not sure they do belly dancing on Tahiti, but if they do, I see you fitting right in!...;-)

Let's go then!!!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Odat, you've got a deal. You eat, I'll wave.
Louie, this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You bring the cookies and I'll sling a hammer for opening coconuts.

C said...

That water is gorgeous