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Monday, September 18, 2006

Fried sneakers

I did take a walk by the ocean yesterday. Water is my serenity and I sure needed that more than I needed to sit at home and do the work I brought home with me. Just looking out over the water and feeling the salted mist on my face does something that a year spent in therepy wouldn't do. I'm serious about that. But, be that as it may, the universe, I believe, was trying to tell me something.....(that maybe I should have stayed home and worked). My walk included collecting rocks........I use them as "book" rocks. They have to be a certain size, 6,7,or 8 inches across X 3 inches, and MUST have a flat bottom. I take them home and paint them or decoupage them.....and give them away as presents. BOOK ROCKS.....I use them to keep my book open while I'm sitting at my desk or at a table if I happen to be eating. That way I have both hands free. Pretty nifty huh? and yeah there's no patent on it so you can steal my idea....good luck! But anyway....I stopped to sit on a rock and "gaze" out over the water....not necessarily looking at anything in particular... just I'm playing in the sand with my foot..digging a lil hole......when all of a sudden...I feel a hot sensation! I stop my "gazing"....and look down and realize that someone must have been grilling on the beach and dumped their hot coals right at the spot I decided to sit down by! Yeah Yeah....great! Hot coals and sand kind of cancel each other I didn't even see it! Now...besides having tomato pants, I have bbq'ed sneakers!!!!!!



Michael C said...

If you ever open a restaurant, you are going to have quite the menu. Fried sneakers with a side of tomato pants, or is it the other way around...tomato pants with a side of fried sneakers.

I hope it doesn't happen, but if you fall in mud, you've got a mud shake and the trifecta!!! Sorry about your luck but I completely agree with you about the beach being therapeutic.

mist1 said...

I liked the part about "salted Mist." It made me feel like I was on the beach and not landlocked like I currently am.

Odat said...

Michael, Yeah let's see what tomorrow brings to the menu!

you were with me and I didn't even realize it!!!! damn!

MyHeartHurts said...

Wow.. the water is my serenity too. As you can tell by all the pictures I seem to post of it. Your picture is a great shot...

OUCH! That sounded like it hurt. :(

Plust I collect the rocks too.. Sometimes I bring them to my Mom but mostly there all over my house as reminders. I love the book idea.. I jsut might have to try that myself!

~Thanks M.

Meloncutter said...

Kind of ironic that someone does the old hotfoot joke and didn't even know it. There is no justice in this old world.

Either that or,,, as soon as the video from the hidden camera is edited you will be a star on Youtube.

Hope things swing back your way soon.

My word verification was NUCVTYA.
Thats Russian for "Damn, I burnt my toe!"

Later yall....

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Poor baby. Does the word "Shit-Seeking Missile" mean anything to you?

I'm glad you were wearing sneakers. I always ditch my footwear as soon as I reach the sand.

I think I might consider grounding you For Your Own Good if I were your mom. (It was always explained to me in capitals, as if that would instill enthusiasm for the project.)